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CEIBS MBAs Are Landing Jobs With Amazon In China

The rapid rise of China has coincided with a wealth of job opportunities for MBAs. We speak to two CEIBS MBA grads flying high in their careers with Amazon


Wed Nov 11 2020


How the CEIBS MBA curriculum led Rishabh to Amazon

He adds that the CEIBS MBA curriculum equipped him with a strong understanding of digital strategy and leadership that would allow him to thrive. The Case Development Centre (CDC) at CEIBS also creates in-house case studies focusing on Chinese companies. These are complemented by western cases giving students a firm grasp on how business differs between the east and west. 

“That’s one highlight of CEIBS,” Rishabh explains. “The balanced mix of Chinese cases and those focusing on US or UK companies was really important to understand the entire view of the world of business.” 

Then there was the Integrated China Strategy Project. The group consulting project is for all second year CEIBS MBAs and has them working in real time with companies to solve real-life strategic challenges. Students might develop an entry strategy for a new market; improve and expand supplier relations; or recommend entry options into a new business sector.

Rishabh also gained further project management experience as a management consultant summer intern with PwC in Shanghai. Amazon then came to CEIBS’ campus in January 2020 for a jobs fair, which is when Rishabh first met representatives from the company. 


Landing a job with Amazon in China

His experience in data and tech, the MBA education, and his consulting experience, meant he was primed for a program manager position in the Shenzhen office. After seven interviews he was made an offer and has been working remotely from India since August 2020. 

During the interview process, CEIBS’ Career Development Centre (CDC) put Rishabh in touch with alumni who worked for Amazon. He built a network from the school’s database and tapped into his mentor’s network who had ex colleagues and friends at the company. They prepped him for the interview with interviewing tips and cv refinement. 

Rishabh is confident an MBA in China, and CEIBS specifically, is invaluable. “There’s the right mix of cases covering Chinese as well as western companies,” he says. 

“You learn how Chinese people think compared to how western people think, and that’s something that other schools cannot give which schools like CEIBS can. That makes a huge difference.”

Andrew Kim,

Senior Program Manager, Amazon Private Brands