MBA Programs Exceed Expectations Despite COVID-19 Disruption

84% of MBA students report their MBA experience has either met or exceeded their expectations in 2020, according to new research from AMBA and BGA


Post-MBA options, post-COVID

The current MBA students surveyed will be graduating into a world still coming to terms with COVID-19. 

And despite employment worries, 54% of those surveyed do not intend to return to the job they held prior to the MBA; 33% are planning to move to a new company in the same sector as they already operate, and 29% plan on moving to both a new company and different sector. 

On the entrepreneurial side, 16% of the students plan on kickstarting their own businesses upon graduation.

In terms of location, more than half of students (55%) intend to stay in the same country as their school, 24% plan to move elsewhere and a fifth of students (21%) are unsure yet where their MBA will take them geographically.

MBA experiences remain as varied as ever, and fortunately, expectations are continuing to be met overall, despite the current situation. 

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