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MBA Students Reveal 5 Things You Should Know Before You Apply

Former students from the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business share wisdom on how to make the most of your MBA

4. Learn as much as you can from your peers

Business schools are a great place to encounter diverse perspectives and learn from the experience of others. Don’t miss the chance to learn as much as you can from your classmates.

“The small class sizes at Terry College were a great chance to build personal relationships often with people experienced in a different industry to you,” says Thomas, “That’s something I appreciate so much more now that I’ve gone.”

“Terry made me a much more rounded person,” agrees Viju. “I’ve got a broader perspective from listening to my peers and becoming close with professors, and I now use that knowledge meaningfully in the workplace.”

5. Be willing to go the extra mile

Ultimately an MBA is what you make of it, so being willing to put the hours in is a must.

“The MBA is an investment in yourself — your chance to dedicate some time to personal and professional development,” says Sonya. This is best achieved by going all in.

“I can’t tell you how many Thursday and Fridays I was in Atlanta late, having informational chats, or coffee interviews with folks,” says Thomas.

For Viju, the effort put into extracurriculars such as case competitions helped him in the long run with presentation skills. It was an area he wasn’t as confident in before but now uses regularly in the workplace.

“No matter what your path is, an MBA can be a great experience if you go with the mentality of knowing what you want and the determination to pursue it,” concludes Sonya.