How Is COVID-19 Impacting International MBA Students?

Five international MBA students tell you what it's like studying abroad during the COVID-19 pandemic and why you should still value MBAs with on-campus learning

4. Medha Agarwal, India


I flew in, and had to delay by a few weeks as Hong Kong temporarily banned all flights from India. I found out I’d got a flight on the 7th September with two days notice to get my test results and say bye to everyone— everything changed so fast. I actually enjoyed my quarantine a lot since I was exhausted, it was good to relax after the long journey before starting such an intensive program.

COVID-19 has made things a bit difficult— originally my mom and sister were going to come to Hong Kong with me— instead it’s my first time staying away from my family.

But in terms of my studies, it’s not changed things that much and I didn’t do any online classes. We’re still getting face to face interactive lectures by professors. I always imagined doing my MBA in person, and HKU offers a great network to meet people, so I don’t want to miss a day.

I am super excited about spending this year with my cohort.

5. Nicole Yoo, South Koread0b2701030a9048f8ccad0678a8e79b1c62c94e6.png

When I arrived in Hong Kong from Korea, the process was well streamlined, so I could get to the hotel within three hours of arriving. The coronavirus test process was easier and safer than I expected.

I took online classes until the middle of September, when HKU changed to the hybrid mode.

Online learning is famously flexible, especially for international students who had issues with flights and visas.

But, attending the classes in person allows me to interact with classmates and professors face-to-face, and makes me feel more responsible regarding meetings, assignments, and exams. I think it’s important to have a balance between both.

The switch to online has made me think about how to adapt and prepare for the smoothest transition into my future career. I was planning to attend forums and conferences on the Hong Kong luxury market, which have mostly been moved online due to COVID-19 restrictions.

With the online advantage, I am making my own network actively via social media to create a rich network of experienced professionals, and build a sense of community.

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