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Webinar | What Do You Need To Know Before Applying For An MBA?

Thinking of applying for an MBA? In this webinar, we answer your all-important MBA application questions


Thu Feb 18 2021

Choosing to study an MBA is a big decision. Candidates will likely have dozens of questions: am I the right fit for an MBA? What do I need in order to apply? What career opportunities lie ahead? 

In this BusinessBecause Webinar, hosted jointly with ITM Business School, we look to answer all the questions you might have before you apply, from applications, to content and curriculum, to careers. BusinessBecause writer is joined by Vineeta Sharma, director of admissions at ITM Business School, and Dr Lakshmi Mohan, campus director at ITM's Navi Mumbai campus. 

Key takeaways from this webinar

⇨ Find out the skills and qualities MBA admissions teams look for in candidates 

⇨ Learn how to effectively prepare for your MBA application 

⇨ Discover the opportunities available for MBA candidates who study in India