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4 Ways To Boost Your Management Skills—And How An MBA Can Help

If you’re looking to lead in the everchanging business world, you’ll need managerial abilities that can help you stand out from the crowd. Here are 4 ways to boost your management skills during an MBA


Tue Feb 28 2023

Having the chance to not only learn about management but practice your skills in a supportive environment is a major reason why students pursue MBA programs.

With a managerial mindset you’ve nurtured at business school, you’ll be well prepared to navigate complex workplace scenarios and enter senior roles come graduation.

Here are four ways to boost those all-important management skills during a business school program:

1. Get involved in MBA group projects fe2d1f49ddaad4cf78d9ce138756262eb307da0b.jpg

One of the great things about business school is that there are usually courses dedicated to management theory that are offered alongside more practical courses. 

The Global MBA program at Peking University (PKU) Guanghua School of Management in Beijing, China, offers this blend of learning.  Courses such as Marketing Management and Operations Management provide students with a chance to dive into management theory. 

MBA students can then put their skills to the test during the Integrated Practicum Project (IPP), which groups students into teams to work on a real-world business problem with a company in China.

Arlind Kraja (pictured), a PKU Guanghua MBA student from Dublin, has worked on a project with one of the biggest skincare companies in China alongside his MBA peers.

“I learned about the importance of patience, understanding, having the right temperament, and honing good communication skills,” he says.

He has helped create a green renewable product line that aimed to compete against skincare household names such as Nivea and Pantene.

2. Network with business school peers

Business school is also about learning from those around you. During networking events and beyond the class conversations, you should use these interactions to find out what makes a great manager and how you can boost your own management skills.

MBA programs are often comprised of a variety of people from senior-level jobs across sectors such as consulting, tech, and finance so it’s a good place to work your MBA network.

At PKU Guanghua Global MBA, students mix with past and present students during alumni events, which invite guest speakers from top companies across China to speak with students about the value of management in a changing business world.

3. Join clubs and societies outside of the MBA classroom

You shouldn’t forget that there are multiple ways to learn about management that aren’t confined to formal networking events or MBA projects.

Arlind has joined the football team at PKU Guanghua—an opportunity to get to know MBA peers in a relaxed non-business setting. Not to mention that joining or leading a sports team at business school can help boost your communication, strategic, and teamwork skills—attributes that are vital to becoming a strong manager.

Opportunities to socialize at PKU aren’t limited to sports teams, either. There are hundreds of different clubs on offer, including the Peking University Guanghua Pitch Club, which helps students improve their managerial skills by teaching attendees how to form a successful business pitch. 

4. Gain an MBA internship at a top organization

Business school opens doors to exciting MBA internships at a variety of companies that the MBA program has close connections with.

The Career Development Center at PKU Guanghua can offer advice and guidance on how to find MBA internships or tips on how to succeed in the interview process. 

Arlind has used his new-found business knowledge to land an MBA internship with the British Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, helping with the International Membership Division.

These internship opportunities are often a great way to boost your managerial skills as you’ll be working in a real business setting alongside a variety of people.

After he finishes his MBA at PKU Guanghua, Arlind hopes to launch a career in Canada or return to Ireland. His business insights gained from his Global MBA program have enabled him to feel that any career dream is now possible.

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