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From A Wall Street Finance Job To A Top Investment Career—Via An MBA In China

Former Wall Street finance professional Shuduo Fang used his MBA in China from Tsinghua University to leap into a successful investment career


Fri Mar 24 2023

Many MBA hopefuls aspire to use their business school experience to change career direction, network, or simply develop an in-depth understanding of the business world.

Shuduo Fang is one successful MBA grad who achieved all three outcomes.

Pursuing an MBA in China at the Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management (Tsinghua-SEM), he leveraged his business degree to pivot from a Wall Street finance job to an investment career in the heart of Beijing.

From Wall Street to an MBA in China

Almost four years into his finance job at JPMorgan Chase in New York, Shuduo felt he was ready for a change.

“I wanted to do something different, something that allowed me to make a real impact and explore new ideas, industries, and places,” he says.

For Shuduo, this meant looking to an MBA degree that could help him make a career transition.

“I knew that the management and entrepreneurial skills I would learn, and the professional network I would build in the MBA program, would give me a head start when searching for jobs,” he says.

He was immediately attracted to the Tsinghua Global MBA—a program that’s partnered with the MIT Sloan School of Management. 

“Tsinghua is the most prestigious university in China, and I knew I would have access to the best resources, both academic and professional,” he says.

Shuduo is originally from China and after spending some time in the US, he was keen to move back to his home country to launch a new career. As well as its familiarity, there were opportunities for him to reap: China is one of the world’s largest economies, and recent research from Goldman Sachs predicts its GDP will be higher than that of the US by 2035. 

“After learning about the Tsinghua and MIT partnership and how the MBA is designed for students with a global background who aim to start a career in China, my decision was made,” he says. 

Learning the MBA skills to thrive

The Tsinghua Global MBA offers a variety of courses that can be tailored to meet the needs and interests of different students.

Shuduo sharpened his understanding of business fundamentals through the core courses offered in the Tsinghua MBA including Managerial Thinking, Accounting, and Corporate Finance.    

“These courses provided the basics needed to thrive in any business role post-MBA,” he says.

Beyond the traditional courses, Shuduo was eager to participate in experiential learning activities such as business case competitions, inter-disciplinary projects with students from other programs, and visits to companies in China. 

“One of the most valuable things I learned from my MBA was a systematic way of approaching a problem or a task outside of my comfort zone,” he says.

The 21-month Tsinghua MBA also offers electives in areas such as Investment Management of Medical Services, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Artificial Intelligence.

Accessing MBA network opportunities at Tsinghua University

Armed with an appetite to broaden his global network in China and beyond, Shuduo used every opportunity to do this during his business school journey. 

The Career Development Center (CDC) at Tsinghua SEM facilitates networking opportunities for MBA students to connect with companies. There are multiple career fairs throughout the year, mock interview sessions, and alumni meet-ups with professionals who have landed careers in China. 

“These activities allowed me to practice and improve my networking skills and ultimately strengthen my MBA network,” Shuduo says. 

Tsinghua MBAs can expand their network even further through optional dual degree options at partner business schools including MIT Sloan, HEC Paris, and Columbia Business School.

Leaping into an investment career in China 

With both a broadened understanding of the business field and the know-how to succeed in the interview process for top MBA jobs, Shuduo graduated from Tsinghua with a new-found confidence.

He landed a career in investment at Beijing Naton Medical Group—a leading medical health company in China’s biomedical sector. 

As an investment professional, Shuduo works on strategic investment, business development proposals, and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) or joint venture projects. 

“As a professional from a non-medical background, the role involves extensive self-learning of medical knowledge and general knowledge of the medical sectors. However, the MBA from Tsinghua has prepared me for any challenge,” he says.

For those looking into leap into high-flying careers in investment, Shuduo says having an open-mind and always being curious are important qualities for anyone to thrive in investment and in the future business world. 

Getting involved in as many experiential learning opportunities as you can during your MBA is a great way to show employees you have what it takes to be successful in investment.

Shuduo also adds that that graduating from a leading business school in China helped open doors for him.

“An MBA from Tsinghua is like a badge of prestige that can help you tremendously when seeking job opportunities, so use your alumni network wisely to extend your professional network,” he says.