Chris Banks, From Latin To Coca Cola

Chris Banks Aston Business School alumni Chris Banks talks about “taking his life into his own hands” and buying out a division of Coca Cola UK

Aston Business School recently welcomed back one of its most successful MBA alumni: Chris Banks.

Chris is founder of Big Thoughts, a healthy food and drink business he set up after leading a management buy-out of a division of Coca-Cola, where he was UK Managing Director. Chris has also worked with some of major food and drink companies, including Grand Met, Allied Domecq and Mars.

In the interview, Chris talks about his experience at Aston Business School, his career path since he left the business school, and how it’s much harder to talk yourself out of a business idea than to talk yourself into one.

He also says that, with a first degree in Latin and French, if he hadn’t gone into business he might have ended up in the Vatican.

Here, Chris talks about how he started Big Thoughts after a management buyout of a division of Coca Cola. 

Also, watch this video to find out why Chris chose Aston Business School for his MBA degree.

Visit the ABS Channel on YouTube to watch the other parts of the interview. 


Shibley Rahman

Friday 24th June 2011, 23.41 (Europe/Paris)

As a huge fan of Latin (and particularly Ovid's Metamorphoses), I immediately like Chris' career path. A lot of people who study Classics, as I've alluded to elsewhere, end up being headhunted for the top firms in the City.

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