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MIP MBA Opens Doors to Top Banks Including Goldman Sachs

Pietro Marini is responsible for Global Liquidity Sales for Goldman Sachs Asset Management in London. He has also worked for JP Morgan and BlackRock

Pietro Marini graduated from the MBA program at MIP Politecnico di Milano in 2006 and now works at Goldman Sachs Asset Management in London. He tells us how his MBA helped him break into the finance industry.

As well as Goldman Sachs, Pietro, 31, has worked for top names in the industry including JP Morgan and BlackRock.

Since early 2010 Pietro has been responsible for Global Liquidity Sales, a key area of Goldman Sachs Asset Management. His division manages around $245 million globally, and this represents a third of the assets of the Investment Management Division. The division also provides customized solutions to corporate and financial institutions to help them optimize their cash management strategies.

Pietro, who went straight onto the MIP Politecnico di Milano MBA after completing his undergraduate degree in Economics at the Universita Cattolica del Cuore in 2005 says that a lot has changed in the finance world over the last few years so those who want to get into it need to have a firm grip on what’s going on.

“I think that the best way to get into finance is being very keen on these changes and being proactive on catching the opportunities which come out in the market”, he says.

Pietro also advises on building an expertise in a specific sector and always focusing on where you can add value as well as working on language skills to improve intercultural interactions with clients and colleagues.

When asked if there are major differences between the three big financie firms he has worked for (Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and private equity firm BlackRock) Pietro replies that they all gave him something impressive to move his career forward.  However he highlights that Goldman Sachs is exceptionally meritocratic. His colleagues are very collaborative and the environment very stimulating.

“You have the feeling that the company really invests on you and it helps you to develop your career. It is also very interesting working with people of different cultures and different backgrounds, because it helps you to grow as a person”, he says.

In Pietro’s experience, an MIP MBA has also helped. After university he did not feel properly prepared for the job market, and thought an MBA would help him get the jobs he wanted.

“I had the opportunity to work and study with very smart people who were determined in their careers and focused on being the very best. Before the MBA I was not as ambitious as I am now. I would probably not have even tried an experience abroad”, says Pietro.

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