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Getting Ahead in the Tech World

Rosy Bellorini, founder of online matchmaker for tech employers and employees ‘Ellie-P’, tells applicants how to get noticed


Fri Jul 27 2012

Rosy Bellorini set up Ellie.Personnel to provide leading employers with high quality tech-specialists. By only taking on experienced talent, Ellie-P seeks to help those candidates who are looking to take that next step in their career, free of charge.

BusinessBecause talks to Rosy about women in the tech industry, working in Berlin, and standing out from the crowd.

Tell us a bit about your background

I studied Business Management at FIU in Miami with an indistinct idea about what I wanted to do after graduation, like most college students. I knew that one of my most distinguishable features was, and is, my enthusiasm for conversation so I’ve always used that to my advantage. I discovered in my first sales job that it didn’t matter whether I was pitching a product or mediating a dispute, the reason I loved what I did was because I was interacting, engaging, assessing and providing solutions for others. It was fulfilling.
“Establishing client-for-life relationships” is how my former employer put it. My experience as a recruiter at AppleOne Wall Street was, until this day, the most rewarding experience in my professional career. They groomed me into running my desk like it was my own business. Without the boot camp training I got from such a tenured and top-notch team, I wouldn’t have the preparation I have now to efficiently guide professionals into the next step in their career.

What was your inspiration for setting up your recruitment agency?

It’s always been my dream to be self-employed. Germany has such a comprehensive support system for entrepreneurs that it would be remiss to not give the opportunity a shot.

Tell us about what it's like to live and work in Germany

It’s been immensely rewarding living and working in Berlin! I love the quality of living, the festivals, the melting pot of different cultures, the start-up community, the creativity; there just aren’t enough words to describe how remarkable this young and vibrant city is. Amongst business owners there is this transparency and a “let’s work together” attitude that you really don’t experience in the other markets around the world. It’s simply amazing!

What's the best thing about working in the tech sector?

I’m constantly fascinated by the innovations going on in the start-up and tech world of Berlin. My clients in particular provide some of the most unique digi-gadgets and online platforms that facilitate further creativity from its users. It’s exciting to be surrounded by so much novelty!

What do you think will be the next big break-through in the tech industry?

I think that the presence of women in tech is on the rise and heading toward a very solid break-through. There has been a substantial difference in the amount of female programmers out there, which in-turn will create role models for other women to take interest in such a rewarding and exciting career path.

How can applicants stand out from the crowd?

Your CV should answer questions about yourself, not raise them. Before you submit your CV to a potential employer, have a colleague or a friend read it and have them tell you who you are. If what you hear is not what you are looking to portray, give its content and composition another go.

The first impression starts at your CV, and if you can’t make yourself look good on paper, you won’t get the chance to do it in person either. Every sentence on your CV should be meaningful and filled with hard, factual information about your skills. Even if you really are responsible and hardworking, there is nothing special about this if everyone else claims to be all of the above. Characteristics are great for composing your cover letter or introduction e-mail, not your CV.

The most well written CVs I have seen thus far have comprised of one or two pages. Any amount beyond that will generally be an annexed page with details about project work, relevant publications or public speaking experience, for example important background facts. Hobbies, oversized font, and spaced out layouts do not justify a 5 page CV. Always put yourself in the employer’s shoes, and ask yourself whether you would hire yourself based on the content and layout of your CV.


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