Create A Red Hot CV!

Manchester Business School's career service is running a free CV advice webinar next week, open to applicants as well as MBA students around the world. Learn the art of "self-marketing"!

In these days of few jobs and many qualified candidates, it's best to cast your net widely.
The latest rhetoric from Business Schools is the promise to help students find jobs in non-traditional markets, especially emerging marketings.
Manchester Business School has a dedicated Global Careers Service that helps students with considerable online, face-to-face and personal support.  They're running a free webinar on How To Create A Red Hot CV, open to applicants as well as their own MBA students. Applicants, you'll get valuable advice and a taste of how the Manchester MBA could help you.
Alison Edmonds, head of Manchester's Global Careers Service, tell us more about today's MBA job market.

What are the most common career questions or dilemmas that MBAs come to you with?
Students often come with concerns such as ‘How do I approach a career change in such difficult economic conditions?’, ‘There are too few opportunities for me to target right now’, 
‘How do I differentiate myself from so many other applicants?’, and ‘How can I develop my career internally?’
Overall, students display nervousness about tackling a challenging recruitment market. Many are questioning whether or not now is the right time to make a career move or whether they should stay with their current employer and develop their careers internally.
What are some of the ways that the Global Careers Service at Manchester Business School help students navigate their careers?
Students can easily and readily gain the career management skills they need from the Global Careers Service to progress their careers. They can do this internationally because we have careers support in Miami, Manchester, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai.
Many of our students tell us that one-to-one coaching has transformed their thinking: not only are they clearer about their career goals, but they are confident and equiped with the right tools and techniques to achieve them.
Our consistent job postings bring new opportunities to our students worldwide and this combined with many workshops and networking events, allow our students to tackle a tough jobs market.
What is the most important career question that an MBA must ask themselves?
Have I identified the right career direction for me that fills me with such drive and passion that I will be fully committed to achieving this goal and take all actions necessary to beat this challenging market?
What services does the Global Careers Services provides to students?
We provide full one-to-one coaching and advice wherever students are in the world.
We have at least ten webinars per month on career management skills and industry trends. We also hold workshops and seminars in all our Centres, as well as a monthly online speaker series.
We have a portal of resources such as psychometric tests and articles.  Finally, we have a steady flow of international job postings and recruitment events. 
What sort of information should people expect to gain from your webinars?
People need to recognise their unique value proposition and match this precisely against what companies need. All organisations need talent, but they are overwhelmed with choice in this market.
Self-marketing is about advertising the exact matches between the job hunter and the recruiter.
It is no longer enough to simply list our accolades: these self-marketing documents need astute tailoring and careful positioning to excite the reader enough to interview. Our webinar gives all the tools and techniques to achieve exactly this.
Could you tell us some recruitment trends relevant to MBAs to watch in 2013?
Look East! The buoyancy of the China market is extraordinary and companies are hungry for talent. In the UK, MBAs should keep their eyes on technology. Google and Apple are quickly establishing themselves as the number one choice for MBAs, outshining the banks and consultancies for the first time. Organisations are looking to build their MBA recruits, the trends are demonstrating a gentle upward swing this year.
Click here to learn more about Manchester Business School Global Career Services. The next webinar is "Creating a Red Hot CV", set to take place on Thursday, February 21. Sign-up for it here!

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