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Cranfield MBAs Launch Business Mentoring Service Yniche

Two Cranfield MBAs launch business mentoring service for start-ups and SMEs!

Tue Jul 23 2013

This is a guest post by Vincent Choi, co-founder of Yniche.

We all know business can be scary and lonely territory. This is the reason why two Cranfield MBA graduates, Vincent Choi and Sanjay Kaler, have launched Yniche – a business mentoring service for startups and SMEs. While studying their MBA at Cranfield School of Management, Vincent and Sanjay met the third member of their team, Jeremy Chatfield, who was studying Cranfield’s Business Growth Programme (BGP) and had extensive experience of mentoring businesses. Through a lot of hard work, they created Yniche, a unique mentoring service that specialises in helping business owners build a loyal and raving fan base for their companies.

When we asked the founders why they felt focusing on a raving customer base was so important, their answer was simple. “The most important aspect of any business is its customers,” said Vincent. “And at the outset, getting a loyal customer base can be very difficult. So, we decided to pull in our skills and network to create Yniche.”

Every business needs a customer base. So why does Yniche focus only on start-ups and SMEs? It turns out that Vincent has a real soft spot for SMEs. Over 11 years ago, he began his career in a business advisory role for SMEs in Sydney, Australia. He set up his own bookkeeping firm, Neatbooks, at the request of his previous firm, Hall Chadwick, which had clients that wanted to continue the relationship even though Vincent had left the firm but he clearly had a loyal client base.

Sanjay Kaler is also no stranger to the start-up world. As a mentor at Seedcamp, he regularly meets start-ups who are struggling to be successful due to a lack of focus. Through Yniche , he wants start-ups and SMEs to define their niche clearly and align all their business activities and to champion them. He strongly believes in serial-entrepreneur Steve Blank’s notion that start-ups are not a smaller version of large companies and shouldn't be managed like them.

Jeremy Chatfield is a seasoned entrepreneur and has co-founded several businesses (one sold, one still running, one closed through ill-health) within operating systems, software utilities and internet marketing. He has previously worked as a Chief Technology Officer, R&D and product manager for a number of start-ups and has also been hired to manage marketing teams.

When the idea of creating an online mentoring platform for start-ups and SMEs came up, it made perfect sense. Yniche is a combination of two integral passions – technology and helping businesses grow. Jeremy notes: “Most businesses are established because they were good at a particular skill, for example, a hairdresser opening his own salon. But this does not necessarily make them good business people. At Yniche we provide these business owners with valuable skills so that they have a fighting chance to succeed.”

The Yniche founders felt responsible to share their expertise with the wider business community and give every business owner the skills necessary to succeed. Sanjay, a passionate technologist, was keen to make sure those SMEs kept up with the market. He added: “With the fast-paced world we live in, it is very difficult for the business owners to keep up-to-date with the latest techniques. That is where Yniche comes in. We aim to work side-by-side with ambitious business owners and show them how they can thrive.”

What is outstanding about Yniche is that they stand by their clients from day one until fruition. At Yniche they are obsessed with creating value for their clients. Vincent explains: “We have this mantra at Yniche: the success of our clients is more important than our own success as their success will contribute to the recovery of this economy.”

How does Yniche work? There are two core options – DIY (Do-It-Yourself) and DIFY (Do-It-For-You). While both offer a mentor, the DIY is geared towards those who like to learn on their own and DIFY is tailored for those who want a guiding hand.  

Prior to joining, businesses are interviewed by Yniche in order to make sure that Yniche is the business mentoring service for them. When a business signs up at, a Yniche consultant arranges for a meeting within 24 hours. Once successful, the business gets access to Yniche’s online training where it will begin the journey towards building a raving fan base. For your peace of mind, Yniche also offers a 30-day money back guarantee. “Our aim is to return your investment with us within 90 days of signing up.”

One of the exclusive features of Yniche is that businesses get access to a valuable network. Not only they gain access to experts and senior executives in their respective fields, but each business is also placed in a group of other businesses that are designed to help each other. Complimentary businesses are handpicked and put together in groups. Yniche understands that being a business owner is lonely; it is critical to provide a peer support to their members.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or an existing business owner, and want your business to take the next leap, Yniche is well worth signing up to.