How Psychometric Tests Have Changed

Psychometric test expert Jeremy Kin offers advice on how to get through the rigorous selection process and says employers now offer more practice resources.

This is a guest post by Jeremy Kin; organisational psychologist, assessor and coach at JobTestPrep, world leaders in preparation for psychometric tests.

MBAs whom are about to start their job seeking phase will quickly find out that the application process to most employers these days resembles the process of applying to University, if not more laborious.

This subject is not mentioned in order to cast fear; it's simply that today, employers invest substantial amounts of money in improving their hiring decisions. Unfortunately, psychometric tests are one of the best tools out there to predict a candidate's potential and current strengths. And that is why they are seen in almost any employer's job assessments.

Candidates with MBA backgrounds are likely to search for higher-tier positions, and are thus expected to witness a more rigorous selection process.

Such a process would usually entail:

Preliminary online assessment test suite

The preliminary assessment phase could comprise all or part of the below:

Numerical Reasoning/Analysis: Much like the GMAT, only in a financial context, involving table and graph interpretation. Questions could evaluate basic and middle level financial concepts (inflation, profit-loss, etc.).

Verbal Reasoning: Requires passage analysis and questions of two popular formats – true/false/cannot say or multiple choice (4-6 options).

Inductive Reasoning: Measuring abstract thinking and general intelligence through shapes and matrices.

These tests will be characterized by short time frames and some will be administered again as part of the verification process to eliminate cheating.

Situational Judgement Questionnaire: This test is now very popular among employers, presenting workplace related dilemmas which arise during work. Employers believe that analysing candidates' response patterns on these tests could reveal important personality and professional traits which the company identifies as vital for its business success, for example: management abilities, work etiquette and problem solving.

The good news: In each of the preliminary online assessments there are certain aspects that can be mastered through practice.

Assessment Centres

Successfully passing the first hurdle, candidates are most likely going to receive an invitation to an assessment centre. Here, more aspects of their skills will be assessed by psychologists.

  • Competency Based Interviews
  • Role Plays/ Group Exercises
  • Case Studies/ Written Exercises

This series of face-to-face interactions can give employers a better understanding of the candidate's competencies and inner-world. Being good at math will not alone ensure that a candidate could become a good manager, or ensure they can work well within a team.

The good news: These assessments, although much more dynamic in nature than computer based versions, could still be rehearsed and practiced.

So now what?

In the past, assessment companies have claimed that no prior practice is required before sitting these tests. Nowadays, they have changed their approach, offering candidates practice resources to prepare with before to the real test. Naturally, these preparation kits are made with minimal effort - excluding explanations and analysis of solving strategies for each assessment. Luckily, just as is the case with the GMAT and other aptitude tests, an industry has evolved to help candidates in these stressful steps.

We are glad to say that JobTestPrep has not only been here since the beginning of this process, but we are now a leading figure in the world of psychometric test preparation, capable of offering any candidate a wealth of advice and practice resources, to increase their test performance and build confidence.

Jeremy Kin; organisational psychologist, assessor and coach at JobTestPrep, world leaders in preparation for psychometric tests.

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