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SME Profile: James Coffee Co

From rocker to roaster: David Kennedy from American rock band Angels and Airwaves is running his own coffee company in the US!

By  Seb Murray

Thu Oct 3 2013

James Coffe Co is an interesting young SME that operates in the market sector. Founded by famous American musican David Kennedy, the company primarily sells single-origin and exclusive James Coffee crafted blends of cofee beans to an international market on their website. The company is passionate about their brand and only source from farmers who are committed to supporting their local community.

The company's founder and CEO is a guitar player in the American rock band Angels and Airwaves, led by Blink 182's Tom DeLonge. Before joining Angels and Airwaves, David was in Box Car Racer along with Blink 182's Travis Barker, and was a member of the hardcore group Over My Dead Body.

David has gone from rocker to roaster and tells us his inspiration behind founding the company, and why he is passionate about the coffee business!

What is the company size?

The company is currently small with 3 total people full-time. But at times, we have to outsource temporary help to keep up with demand.

Which sector does it operate in?

We currently operate in the market sector.

What does the business do and what are their core/flagship products?

The core product of james Coffee Co is specialty coffee. We offer other things but that's just to broaden the scope of the brand ... It's really only about coffee!

We offer a revolving assortment of distinctive single-origin beans as well as exclusive James Coffee crafted blends. Using modest production methods we are able to approach each individual roast as an opportunity to elevate and preserve our quality and taste.

We only source from farmers who are committed to supporting their community, providing healthy environments for their employees, and producing the highest quality coffee beans for us to roast.

Who is the CEO/ founder?

Myself, David Kennedy.

How was the company founded?

I had been touring all over the world for the last 12 years. During those days, finding that great coffee spot was a common goal. Then when searching for the answer of what made one coffee place so much better than another, I discovered it may be something I could actually do, and love.

Which regions are covered?

Well for now we've been focused online to generate revenue and build the brand. So I guess I could say the world: we've shipped all over North America, Europe, Australia and even just down the street from where we roast in Poway California. We hope to have a brick and mortar location in a year, to focus in our local community more.

Do you current hire MBAS?

We're always looking for a new opportunity and are interested in meeting people to help build the brand.

Who to contact if interested in working for the company?

You can contact Jacob at jacob@jamescoffeeco.com

Something interesting about the company in your own words!

The most interesting thing about the company is truly the product. It's a consumable so people will need another bag, and the demographic is incredibly broad... you can't walk into a room without the majority of people saying they love coffee. As a roaster, your only goals are to source delicious, world and community conscious coffee, roast it to its optimum level and share it with people. To me that's  amazing.