SME Profile: SalesGossip

SalesGossip is an online mobile-app service that operates in the fashion technology industry. It was founded by two LBS MBAs - who have driven the start-up to new heights over two years.

SalesGossip was launched almost two years ago but has already achieved much success. The company’s co-founder, Elizabetta Camilleri, won female entrepreneur of the year in the 2013 Smarta100 Awards last month. She also won RBS EnterprisingU competition – bagging £25,000 for the start-up.

The business provides an online and mobile service that gives users access to fashion and beauty deals in over 600 stores across the UK. They have swelled to around 250,000 users in under three years.

Zabetta studied an MBA at London Business School and founded the company with fellow LBS alumnus Emilio Sanz. They now have ten employees and are looking to hire many more – including a sales and business development executive.

SalesGossip operates in an exciting space between technology and fashion, and the co-founders have utilized LBS’s incubator to help them deal with the many challenges associated with running an SME.

Zabetta gives us an insight into what it is like running your own company post-MBA. To read a full profile of LBS MBA Zabetta, click here.

What is the company size?

We currently have 10 employees.

Which sector does it operate in?

That’s a tricky one. We operate in the Online and Mobile Service, Fashion Technology and New Media sectors.

What does the business do and what are their core/flagship products?

SalesGossip is an online and mobile service that allows shoppers to find about ANY Fashion promotion as soon as it goes on. Shops can communicate their sales and promotions effectively to a targeted audience, increasing traffic and revenues in their stores.

Who is the CEO/ founder?

I co-founded the company with my business partner, Emilio Sanz, who is also an MBA alumnus from London Business School.

How was the company founded?

I was actually on shopping trip. I realized that lots of my favorite stores had sales on that I didn’t know about. By the time I got there, all the good stuff was gone.

I asked my friend what App she was using to find shopping sales, but no one knew of one. I thought: surely this can’t be? I talked to my business partner and we tested the idea without a business plan. After we saw that it worked, we began analyzing the industry.

Which regions are covered?

We work with over 600 stories in London and the rest of the UK.

How many MBAs are currently at the company?

We have two working full-time, one MBA intern and another MBA will be joining us in January.

Who to contact if interested in working for them?

What do you think entrepreneurs need to succeed today?

You have to work round the clock with no money. If you are in it for the money, go into consulting or banking.

You have to percevere. Something will eventually work; you just have to keep trying. If you have the energy, you should just go for it.

Nothing is as rewarding as seeing something go from nothing to all of a sudden… we went from 500 users to around 250,000. What you will learn in the process is unbelievable.



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