Accountant Uses MBA In UK To Run Boutique Management Consultancy

Amarjeet Hans used Henley Business School's MBA to switch from accounting to management consulting – and he now runs a boutique consultancy.

When he found himself in a professional dead-end, Amarjeet Hans decided that an MBA was the way to go. After successfully completing Henley Business School’s program, he has been constantly surprised at how much of the curriculum is actually applicable to day-to-day business.
He has no regrets about his choices, and is now the director of a boutique management consultancy.
Why did you decide to pursue an MBA?
At the time, I was qualified as a chartered management accountant and had several years’ work experience. 
When I started to consider a career change I noticed that there were many other accountants in a similar situation. Hence, it became evident that I had to differentiate myself in such a tough job market, and the Henley MBA offered me the opportunity to do just that.
What separated Henley Business School from others?
Henley is internationally recognised, as well as being one of the top business schools in the UK. It is also conveniently situated to where I live, and the fees charged were reasonable. 
Given that these were the main deciding factors for me, Henley was a natural choice. The fact that they offered the two-year, part-time course also contributed to my ultimate decision to pick Henley.
What are the main takeaways you got from the school's program?
I made a great set of friends, whom I still keep in touch with today. The course was enjoyable and most of all very practical. Whatever subject we were taught, I was able to apply some or all of the content in my day-to-day working life.
Since graduation, I have applied even more of the skills that I learnt which have now become parts of my “personal culture”.
Why would you recommend Henley to prospective MBA students?
Henley is well recognised in the working environment, especially in the UK and indeed internationally. 
They are a friendly crowd who are seriously interested in your well-being. The environment at Henley is second to none: where else can you study in the sun, by the river, in total peace and quiet?
With extra facilities to add, what more can a student ask for?
You have lived and worked in several different countries in Europe and Asia. What can you share about your experiences so far? Do you believe that there truly is – or ever will be - a global management culture?
The ways of doing business may be different in Europe, Asia or the Middle East – [but] the management culture is the same. All companies strive to achieve the best customer satisfaction, or the [best] cost management, or hiring the best people. They all want to follow a best practice. 
The more you experience different companies and different cultures, the more you are able to add value to organisations as you begin to understand the way they “tick”. I have also used the Henley Business School MBA and alumni groups for networking, and found them incredibly useful.
Do you have any advice for prospective MBA students, and recent graduates?
Be prepared to learn a great deal. However, it may take some time for you to be able to apply your learning. When you do, that is the time when you will really appreciate the values of the MBA. 
I have met many prospective students – at Henley open days, I go there to tell students of my experiences – [and] quite a few think that as soon as they graduate with an MBA they will change the world. It does not happen. 
However a few years later, this is a very real possibility. 



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