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MBA Recruiter: How To Get Hired By Accenture

An MBA recruiter from the leading management consultancy explains what they value in job candidates.

By  Seb Murray

Mon Aug 11 2014

Accenture, one of the leading management consulting firms, is revered by MBAs. Graduates have sought consulting careers with the company in high numbers. Accenture hired about 64,000 new employees globally in the 2009-2010 academic year, a record on 2008 when the firm recruited 25,000.

The company, which posted revenues of $28.6 billion last year, has recruiting links to business schools including INSEAD, Wharton and the Fuqua School of Business.

Katherine LaVelle, Accenture’s lead for Talent & Organization for North America, has spelled out what she values in a job candidate. The MBA recruiter thinks that recent business school graduates should be familiar with new business concepts.

Katherine highlighted IT sector skills as “essential to every role”. “Many companies are struggling with how to adapt their business models in the light of digital and market transformation, and they are looking to business school graduates to help,” she said in a blog post.

She highlighted LinkedIn, which has affected her role as an active recruiter of MBAs. “It provides access to a wider pool of candidates, lets me communicate efficiently, and even shows common connections,” she said.

Katherine thinks that networking can be a helpful tool, and suggests that it’s important to build and maintain a strong network of clients, colleagues, and industry contacts.

“A great way to forge these relationships is to join professional organizations and participate in discussions, forums, and events,” she said.

Many MBA programs now require students to spend time abroad. Katherine said she looks for such experiences in applicants. “New MBA graduates must not be overwhelmed by the need for a more nuanced approach to international thinking,” she said.

“If they can’t complete a global assignment, they must at least show an interest in – and knowledge of – the global landscape,” the recruiter added.

She said that staying current in your field of work is a must – if an employer offers continuing education and training opportunities, MBAs should take advantage of them.

“I value intellectual curiosity. Applicants who pursue training programs or other education opportunities show that they’re committed to learning new skills and growing as professionals,” she said.

Pursuing externships and internships, or registering for a Mooc, may also serve you well at Accenture.

Lastly, Katherine suggested that good job candidates should know what they want – but they should also remain flexible. “Mapping out where you want your career to lead is the only way to ensure you reach your goals,” she said.

“Your career can take many twists and turns, but it should tell a complete story and lead you to a clear destination – one that you have aspired to and believe is the best fit for your professional and personal life,” she added.