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My IESE MBA Got Me An Amazon Internship — Here's How To Get Hired

Laura Cushing is using her IESE Business School degree to pull off a triple-jump

Sat Jul 30 2016

These days, it seems like every MBA wants to work in tech. The autonomy, responsibility, pay, and relaxed office cultures are alluring. And Amazon is by far the most ravenous tech employer at top business schools. But how can you get hired by the e-retail goliath?

Laura Cushing, an MBA student at Barcelona’s IESE Business School, is working an internship at Amazon in Munich, focused on the consumer fashion business. She believes an internship is a solid way to glimpse into a full-time role: Opportunities for networking and growth are ample.

The internship is one reason Laura chose IESE’s two-year MBA program over its competitors. She wanted to pull off a triple-jump — changing function, industry and location. With a one-year MBA, Laura felt she would not have the time needed to successfully complete the transition.

Below, she explains what it’s like to work at Amazon — and why you should consider a two-year degree.

Why did you opt for a two-year MBA over a one-year MBA?

My goal for the MBA was to make a triple career change (function, industry and location). I knew going into the admissions process that my goal was ambitious and would require an enhanced skill-set and knowledge base. With a one-year MBA program, I would not have had the time necessary to properly prepare and transition.

The two-year MBA program was the perfect length to be able to do so. I would be able to learn the case study method, complete a summer internship before my second year, and become involved with student organizations.

There are many other two-year programs. What made IESE Business School's stand out?

Choosing IESE came down to the people and the curriculum. There were many current students, alumni and faculty at IESE who were kind enough to take the time to speak with me about my career and give a clearer picture of what I could expect. At every step of the process, I had the support that I needed.

I wanted a global curriculum that made the material come alive through case studies, international modules and a highly diverse student body. I was looking for a program that challenged me not only academically, but also personally.

Barcelona’s climate didn’t hurt either!

What advantage does an internship give you in securing a full-time job upon graduation? 

An internship is a great 10-week glimpse into what kind of teams and projects you will be working on full-time. It provides ample networking opportunities and more clarity about a company’s culture. The internship also leverages past transferable skills and builds new ones, so that students can better assess what full-time opportunity is most attractive and meaningful to them.

What excited you about Amazon as an internship opportunity? 

Amazon’s environment, full of entrepreneurial spirit, excited me the most. Amazon gives you the opportunity to innovate for the customer.

Consumer interns are given highly visible and complex projects that drive the business and tangibly impact the customer experience. Interns receive a large amount of autonomy and responsibility to think big, solve problems, and invent frequently over the course of the summer. It was evident that the project stakeholders very much value the contribution that MBA interns have.

What’s your advice for other MBAs hoping to land an internship at Amazon?

You must be a firm believer in the Leadership Principles. This is what Amazon lives by and how all interviews are assessed. Be able to speak to them and identify past situations where you dealt with them.