How My MBA At ESADE Got Me A Job At The Boston Consulting Group In Dubai

ESADE Business School’s Career Acceleration Program helped Stephan Droste change role, industry, and location after graduation

Stephan Droste completed the career triple jump—switching job role, industry and location—after an MBA at ESADE Business School in Barcelona. He’s now moved from a managerial role with Lufthansa in Germany to a top consultancy role with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in Dubai.

Stephan treated his MBA as more than just a professional experience. A passionate sportsman, he helped organize ESADE participation in the three-day MBA Tournament (MBAT)—dubbed the ‘MBA Olympics’—which brings MBA students from 17 global business schools together for three days of high intensity sports competition. He was recognized with ESADE’s 2017 Collaborative Spirit Ambassador Scholarship.

Having an open mind going into the degree, and without a set post-MBA path in mind, he found ESADE’s international focus helped him sights set on a career in consulting. After completing an internship at Oliver Wyman in Dubai, he utilized the school’s Career Acceleration Program (CAP) to help him complete his career transition.

ESADE’s CAP for Consulting aims to equip MBA students to enter the industry. It comprises technical sessions, classes with industry executives, and, through case competitions, provides networking opportunities with leading MBA employers.

Without the ESADE MBA, Stephan’s career switch—from aerospace in Germany to consulting in the Middle East—wouldn’t have been possible.

How did the ESADE MBA help you make the career switch into consulting?

The MBA helped me to iterate ideas effectively and fast. Due to that, I quickly managed to verify my aspiration to join a top consulting firm. The MBA then enabled me to get the right level of exposure to top firms, meet people with great insights, and ramp up my skillset to become a serious contender for mastering the application process.

The international flavor of the MBA made me look closer into the Middle East and eventually helped me to intern in consulting in Dubai. I liked the experience so much that I was very confident Dubai was the right destination and I moved in the beginning of September this year.

How were you supported by ESADE’s Career Acceleration Program?

I definitely recommend CAP to anyone considering consulting as post-MBA job. While the technical trainings helped me to complement my case cracking capabilities, I feel I benefited most from the deep industry insights the senior managers shared.

Why did you decide to pursue an MBA at ESADE?

Ever since I attended an international sports tournament organized by ESADE students in 2011, I thought positively about the school and its people. In the following years, I would come back to Barcelona to participate in the same annual tournament. I liked the idea of joining the university and immersing myself in ESADE’s genuine environment.

With regard to the MBA program at ESADE, I was convinced I had found a versatile platform to progress in my career. After five years with Lufthansa, I felt ready to explore other industries, but did not set myself a single focus area or geographic destination. So, the opportunity to spend time in an international setting with a culturally diverse group intrigued me.

What advice do you  have for anyone considering applying for an MBA?

Be sure not to see the MBA only as a means to a professional end. As much as I think the economics of the MBA decision should make sense, I think it’s worthwhile devoting time to carefully choose the best personal fit.



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