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ESADE MBAs Are Landing Jobs At Top Firms Like Google, Microsoft, And McKinsey

90% of ESADE MBAs receive job offers within three months of graduation—many going into consulting and technology firms

By  Robert Klecha

Sun Nov 26 2017

Employability is a big part of any potential student’s decision when choosing a business school. While studying for an MBA is a personal and professional process of development, the practical side of it is how it will impact your career path afterwards. For many, an international career is the goal.

One school that’s excelling in this area is ESADE Business School—90% of all ESADE graduates are reported to receive job offers within three months of completing the MBA program, with more than 80% of ESADE students finding jobs abroad working for global companies.

Top ESADE MBA employers include McKinsey, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

“Companies come to ESADE to hire our grads because they combine excellence in the academic arena with a hands-on understanding of how business works”, says Karinna Rubio, the associate director of ESADE careers department.esade - - -sss

“By studying on a campus with 50 nationalities, engaging in teamwork and being challenged in the academic arena and by many company-oriented activities, students develop a unique set of skills and knowledge that is a match for employers.”

Indeed, the ESADE MBA performs particularly well, with 81% of full-time MBA alumni working outside of Spain. Specifically, 51% find employment in European countries; 14% in Asia; and 10% in the US.

So, what makes students on the ESADE MBA so internationally skilled?

“With more than 50 nationalities on campus, our students deal with various cultures on a daily basis and study in a multinational environment. Any employer content or activity is international” explains Karinna.

For Karinna, the MBA prepares ESADE students to be successful anywhere in the world and also across a diverse range of industries.

Technology stands out—32% of MBA graduates find employment in tech post-graduation. Consulting, as well as general services and communications, complete the top three industry destinations for ESADE MBA grads.

“ESADE MBA students are hands-on, international, very analytical, and know how to work in teams—an extremely strong combination for the tech industry”, says Karinna. “They have in-depth knowledge of the industry and its challenges.”

With technology being the biggest disrupter of the business today, ESADE grads are seemingly well equipped to be innovating and leading the changes that are transforming the business world.

Job fairs organized by the ESADE Careers also help guarantee successful placements after students graduate. Nearly 80 companies attended the most recent events, a record amount. These included top firms like the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, H&M, PepsiCo and the Clinton Foundation, among others.

Besides having a strong alumni network of more than 56,000 grads creating an international network with 32 chapters around the globe, ESADE Business School alumni have access to career fairs and a dedicated career support team.

“Each ESADE academic program receives an adapted career journey,” says Karinna. “This allows students to get all the training they need to meet efficiently with different companies.”