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How My MBA Got Me A Job As A Technology Consultant

How do you remain relevant in the ever changing world of technology? From his MBA in Germany, technology consultant Ankur Bhatia learned it's all about asking why, not just how


Mon Aug 31 2020


Ankur Bhatia works as a tech consultant in product management, innovation and design thinking, with experience at big name companies such as Porsche, BASF, and now Accenture. 

An MBA from HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management helped him transition into this career, from his previous role as business QA analyst within a development team. 

When working for Infosys and Nagarro in his native India, Ankur focused on applying his technical knowledge to work out how to create a product which will solve the problem the client has. 

His new role as a tech consultant, on the other hand, is all about defining the client’s problem, and asking why the product you’re designing will help the client. 

“My horizons were widened from how to why during my MBA,” Ankur remarks. “It was a game changer.” 

Why an MBA?

With a background in computing and engineering, Ankur is aware of the fast paced nature of the tech industry. “You need to be on your toes,” he says, “we cannot be sure of any technology lasting for more than a year. I can place my bets on that.”    

As tech evolves at an exponential speed, Ankur explains that its crucial for consultants to have expertise in a particular tech subject, then build out a wider skillset from there. 

This wider skillset includes soft skills, which are becoming ever more coveted in tech. Due to this, MBA grads are becoming increasingly valued in the sector for how they communicate, think critically, and problem solve creatively, on top of their expert knowledge.

Before his MBA, Ankur describes how his mindset revolved around the “technically detailed, micro level,” of tech development. 

“I was working on the implementation part, which is actually a much later part of the game," he says. "I noticed that I didn't have much know-how about the way things were functioning on a macro, business level.”

This realization motivated Ankur to understand more about the business decisions which led up to his work within the development team. An MBA with HHL Leipzig was the first step in charting this path. 

954c77ad4f0fd59820140bfefa985c07cd5277e2.jpg ©Nadasaki via iStock

Why HHL? 

Having moved from India to Germany for the course, Ankur valued on the diversity of the HHL classroom, with its 90% international student cohort. 

The teaching style at HHL capitalizes well on the many backgrounds and experiences coming into the classroom through constant team projects and problem solving exercises. 

“The MBA actually shapes your understanding and perspective in such a diverse manner that your thinking is no longer restricted by what's just feasible with respect to the technology,” says Ankur.

“The other major takeaway from my school is actually how to be more aligned towards the consulting industry,” he adds. “And the most important skill for the consulting industry was, and always will be, defining the problem statement.”

One of 60% of his class to land professional internships with top, internationally recognized firms during their MBA, Ankur gained placements at both Porsche and BASF through HHL. 

He explains how his team were often handed deliberately vague problem statements from day one of their internships, and given the freedom to develop a solution however they saw fit.

Such an open ended way of working mirrors his current work closely, and helped him develop the mindset of a consultant. 

The placements also helped him gain professional contacts in Germany before he had even graduated, which can be especially useful when studying internationally in a new country, where you may have no initial network. 

Switching to consulting with Accenture

Though Ankur credits his MBA for his career change, he believes the learning process is ongoing. “I would say it’s never ending. I keep on reading a lot of stuff. And I'm still like, I don't know this thing. I need to be aware of this.” 

Soft skills enhanced through his MBA, like problem solving and team work, have helped a lot, but for Ankur it’s a blend of hard and soft skills that will ensure job security. 

At Accenture, Ankur learnt how to act as a connecting link between the specialist tech team and external stakeholders and clients, which requires both his specialist knowledge and his communication skills.

Thanks to his MBA, Ankur is able to see things from this dual perspective, he says, ultimately leading him to consultancy, where he enjoys innovating and managing technical projects and teams.

His new work is not only more rewarding, but more likely to be secure in the face of rapid technical change. “Having come from the development team, It's come full circle for me!” he reflects.

Student Reviews

HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management




Part time MSc Management

I decided on attending this program since it is 100% in English, the option for a Semester abroad, and it has a nicely designed curriculum. I enjoyed very much the studies at the Leipzig location (I do not live in Leipzig and was staying in Airbnb flats with other students during the course weekends). There was great enthusiasm within the students' group, the courses were challenging and we had experienced/diverse professors which added to the overall experience. HHL is focused on teamwork and is big on its network and career development which is a definite value add for students. I can recommend HHL to other students who want to sharpen their skill set to be prepared for leadership positions.




Impressive Journey

I’m doing my Master Part-time at HHL and love the Journey. The teaching is between good and outstanding. The service around the lectures is amazing. Never had to wait longer than a day for a response. The Network I was able to build and the lecture about entrepreneurship are the major takeaways which strongly influenced my future. I can strongly recommend the Master in Part-time at the HHL for a course with impact. But be prepared they will broaden your horizon and you will have to grow with it.





Horrible Experience

I am also a recent student at HHL. I would agree with your post wholeheartedly. HHL is brilliant at marketing, however, it's more like a Ponzi scheme. A lot of Indians happen to fall into this trap, including me. I joined HHL while letting ESMT go primarily because I thought Leipzig is a cheaper city to live in and the course is cheaper. Always remember if a deal looks too good it is probably a scam. The studies are extremely below average, the college has an abysmal career centre and the campus is a joke. Now let me give you some deeper insights : 1. Given that the college is located in EAST Germany- you need to understand that RACISM is a truth. The college runs MBA and MSc. (Management). MBA is a mere point of luring students as unaware students come to HHL with dreams and hopes of doing an MBA and getting placed. To break it to you softly: MSc is the FLAGSHIP program for HHL- this means 99% of the class is German, and they got offers from the likes of Mckinsey, Bain and Deutsche come to the Germans. Even the foreigners doing MSc. do not get a whiff of the opportunity- please understand- Germany is a "German" speaking country and not internationalised enough to include "English" as the business language. Nonetheless, HHL is such a weak school that it cannot do **** about anything- their placement cell always keeps on crying but they are of absolutely ZERO help. You will not get any scholarships like the Germans do here thanks to the Dean who promotes this divide between Germans and others by giving scholarships thatd more or less cover the entire tuition fees of the German students. 2. The Academic Director for MBA is definitely someone people look at and think that good there's an Indian there- he has absolutely zero value in HHL and in the research world anyways. He is only out there to lure you in to get a fatter commission-the more Indians he gets in the higher his commission and his job is SAFE. 3. The faculty is so horribly poor in their own research work and competence that you'd feel why did I come here. The only reason why some people come here: VISA and citizenship in a few years. You may also procure a job but with the HHL tag being so weak the salaries are way below AVERAGE. Free advice: So either way if you're planning to come to Germany either perfect your German or choose a different country because colleges like HHL get students from all over the world- after which they do not really give a damn whether you get placed or not- it's ALL BUSINESS TO HHL. I cannot speak about many other colleges, but, due to the sheer presence of colleges like Frankfurt business school, WHU and ESMT in bigger cities such as Frankfurt, Berlin and Dusseldorf provide better chances to network during the duration of the course. Do NOT come to HHL and waste your money. Your entire education and stay would cost 50 lacs, instead invest in BITCOIN or STOCKS. OR just do your Masters in Management from a public University in Germany which is way cheaper, has higher chances of scholarship and better placement opportunities. Hope this helps Thanks.