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I Left An MBA Job At Microsoft To Launch A FinTech Career In China—Here’s Why

Frank Fan landed a place on Microsoft’s MBA leadership program after his MBA at Tsinghua, before taking a risk and switching into a career in fintech at Huobi in China


Thu Oct 22 2020


Huboi & FinTech

Frank was after another, more challenging and innovative career. After the Microsoft MBA leadership program, he joined Huobi as a strategy investment director. 

He’s now the leader of the firm’s industry empowerment center in China, and for him it was a move that allowed him to jump out of his comfort zone and to use leading technology to solve complex business challenges. 

It also ties in with his future ambitions. 

“I want to build my own business. That’s why I joined a fast-growing tech firm, because I felt I could practice my leadership skills and build my entrepreneurial mindset and get to know the real world in a fast-changing environment.”

Over the past two years he has had to find solutions to problems, leverage the resources he has available to him, open and lead a new business unit, consider the financials, hire new people, build a team, and think about the overall business strategy. All hallmarks of life as an entrepreneur. 

“I’m trying to imagine I’m running a new business,” he says. “If some day in the future I can build my own business and become an entrepreneur, that’s my future career goal.”

“I also believe with the skillset and mindset I learned on my MBA I am very confident I can tackle every challenge that I will meet in my business life. I will try to progress every day, and that is something I learned in MBA school that will be very beneficial for the rest of my life.”