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Webinar | 5 Ways An MBA Can Improve Your Job Prospects

From networking with an experienced professional cohort to real life consulting projects, here are five ways an International MBA can boost your chances of landing your dream job


Wed Nov 10 2021

An MBA is a sure-fire way to enhance your career. From building the right professional connections to gaining experience working on consulting projects for local and multinational companies, the degree sets you up to enhance your job prospects.

In this BusinessBecause Presents webinar, we explore the five ways an MBA boosts your job credentials, in partnership with Fudan University School of Management.

To learn more about how Fudan helps students land their dream roles, BusinessBecause deputy editor, Thomas Nugent, spoke with Sun Long, executive director of the Fudan International MBA (IMBA), and Fudan 2017 IMBA graduate and current regional director for Mexico and Latin America at Shake to Win, Rafael Vega Valtierra.

Key takeaways from this webinar:

→Discover the ways a Fudan IMBA can transform your job prospects, across continents and industries.

→Find out what makes Fudan’s IMBA unique, including their collaboration with MIT, iLab consulting projects, providing action learning from leading global companies, and extensive networking opportunities.

→Hear from, and put your questions to, a Fudan alumnus who will discuss their IMBA experience and how it transformed their career.

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