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Webinar | How To Develop Your Early Career With An MBA In 2022

Are you considering enrolling in an MBA without work experience? Find out more about launching your career with an early MBA in this webinar with Baylor University School of Business


By  Business Because

Fri Jan 14 2022

Planning on launching your career by enrolling in an MBA without work experience? In this BusinessBecause Presents webinar, we reveal everything you need to know about an early career MBA and how it can kickstart your career. This webinar is delivered in partnership with the School of Business at Baylor University

To find out all there is to know about an early career MBA, BusinessBecause writer Matt Kefford spoke with careers experts, a Baylor alum, and members of the school's faculty. 

Interviewees included Dr Patsy Norman, associate dean of graduate business programs and associate professor of management at Baylor, Amine Qourzal assistant director of the school's career center, Marissa Davenport, talent acquisition leader at Neighbourly, and Abby Tisdale, a Baylor alum, and digital experience and innovation specialist at Mary Kay Inc. 

Key takeaways from this webinar:

→ Discover the value of studying an MBA as an early career professional.

→ Find out what makes the Baylor MBA unique, including its specialist early development faculty, dedicated career center, and top industry connections.

→ Hear from a Baylor alum discussing their MBA experience and how it transformed their career. 

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