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5 Exciting MBA Jobs In Hong Kong Right Now

From tech startup opportunities to leading digital transformation, these are the top five MBA jobs in Hong Kong right now


Thu May 12 2022

If you’re looking to build your post-MBA career in a vibrant, multicultural hub, then Hong Kong could be the city for you.

As well as boasting a leading financial sector, Hong Kong is a gateway to other major business hubs across Asia, like Tokyo, Singapore, and Shanghai. 

A strong English-speaking proficiency across Hong Kong also means it’s an attractive location for multinational companies and MBA students alike.

From sought-after jobs in digital transformation to sustainability and finance startups, here are five of the best MBA jobs in Hong Kong right now:

1. Sustainability Consulting

The Hong Kong government wants to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and more businesses are prioritizing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors, triggering increased demand for ESG and sustainability consultants in Hong Kong.  

Big Three consulting firm McKinsey, for example, launched McKinsey Sustainability last year, a client-service platform focused on helping businesses achieve their climate goals. With offices in Hong Kong, McKinsey is looking for new talent to specialize in sustainability consultancy.  029e809aea691e6274d9d1557d3808ebff30cd6b.png

Speaking in a recent BusinessBecause webinar—Jobs in Hong Kong: What You Need to Know—delivered in partnership with Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) Business School, MBA grad Varun Sood (pictured) explains how he’s taken advantage of Hong Kong’s drive towards sustainability goals. 

After his MBA at HKUST, he launched a career at PwC as a senior associate within climate and sustainability. 

PwC has one of the biggest teams for sustainability consultancy in Hong Kong, which Varun says was a motivating factor for joining the global firm. In the HKUST MBA, Varun studied courses including sustainability as a competitive advantage and ESG investing. 

“Studying these topics gave me relevant and practical experience and I learned things that I apply in my job every day,” he says. 

Webinar: Jobs in Hong Kong: What You Need to Know


2. Project management, digital sector

Companies in Hong Kong are embracing digital technologies to keep up with the ever-changing business landscape and they’re on the lookout for new hires who can help enhance business productivity using new tech. 313e2518dff97fdbaacbba1aa711b51442ed94db.png

“Businesses are looking for people to manage projects and become the bridge between the technical and business teams, building strategy to push for digitization,” explains Christopher Yip (pictured), senior consultant for MBA career and alumni development at HKUST. With HKUST’s focus on business and technology, MBA students are well-equipped to offer this expertise, Christopher believes.

The HKUST MBA offers courses in Technology Entrepreneurship, Transforming Business with Artificial Intelligence, and Strategic Management, preparing students to enter fast-paced careers within digital and project management. 


3. Investment banking & wealth management

Investment banking and wealth management divisions across the Asia-Pacific are continuously expanding.

The HKUST MBA provides a series of intensive courses led by internal and external trainers, preparing MBAs to enter top finance jobs across areas like project management, investment banking, insurance, and accounting.

With advantages to living in Hong Kong including legislation that favors free trade and a strong capital inflow particularly due to the proximity with Mainland China, the city is a great place to kickstart your finance career.

4. Regtech startup jobs

The burgeoning regulatory technology, or regtech, sector is predicted to be worth $55 billion by 2025, making it an attractive career route for MBA grads.

Regulation technology startups are devising ways to use computer programs and other technology to help banking and financial companies improve and manage compliance with government regulations.

“With regulation limiting the development of cryptocurrency, startups are building regtech solutions and hiring MBA graduates for these roles. Hong Kong has become a base close to mainland China to develop digital-asset businesses,” explains Christopher. 

Business schools like HKUST provide career coaching services to help students pinpoint the skills demanded in these emerging sectors. 

“The career coaches help break down your options, providing students with a better understanding of what the job market is like at the time and of Hong Kong as a city,” Varun notes. 

5. MBA jobs in multi-national companies

While finance is typically the most popular career path for MBA graduates in Hong Kong, Christopher says many HKUST MBA students pursue roles across a range of industries, including energy management and healthcare, within multinational companies.

“Due to the huge international student base at HKUST, multinational companies have been drawn to HKUST graduates as the international backgrounds of talent are an asset to the companies,” says Christopher. 

“Many businesses are developing new programs to expand regional business and hiring MBAs to manage this and their marketing strategies.” 

89% of HKUST MBA students are from outside Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, the growth of new industries and focus on sustainability and digitalization is creating exciting new job opportunities for MBAs from across the world. 

This, Christopher says, makes now the perfect time to take advantage of all that Hong Kong has to offer.

Student Reviews

HKUST Business School




On Campus

Excellent Supporting Staff

HKUST campus is a very scenic place. However, the best part of the university is the professors and administrators. I have had numerous instances where I have approached them outside their office hours and asked them for help. I have always received full support, and they have helped me escape some very tricky situations. I will miss the faculty and especially the UG Hall 5 Residence Master. I am grateful for his help during my undergraduate program. I will recommend people choose HKUST for their bachelor, master, or Ph.D. studies. Do experience the hall life and you will never regret it.




On Campus

Stressful university

Vibe Students in HKUST is really competitive, they study really hard. Environment Nice sea view and modern campus Teaching Many professors are from mainland, whose accent are difficult to understand sometimes. Harsh grading from most of the professors from my department Opportunities HKUST provides many opportunities and guidance for students on careers and extracurricular activities




On Campus

Hard working and motivational

Major selection activities are very competitive. 1st/2nd year students work hard to get into popular majors they want. If you enjoy working in a competitive environment, this is a great place. Great ocean view with sports facilities and activities ready for you. Many programmes and social clubs available to boost your cv, learn practical skills for future jobs and interviews.





Good for academics but not that good for student life

Professors and teaching staffs definitely know what they are teaching and have strong knowledge in their discipline; Academics can be quite tough and stressful for students as everyone works very hard and course grades are rather competitive; Student societies exist but are not extensive. Activities are also mostly non-existent.