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Find A Career Coach: 4 Top Coaches You Can Watch On YouTube In 2024

Looking to find a career coach to elevate your prospects? These four specialist YouTube career coaches can offer help with anything from resume writing to interview prep


Tue Mar 12 2024

Entering the world of work can be daunting, especially for recent grads in a tough job market. A 2023 study showed that less than half of all college graduates are confident about their career prospects, feeling they have neither the tools or knowledge to put their best foot forward when job-hunting. 

Many savvy job seekers are turning to YouTube, where a growing cohort of career coaches are demystifying the entire process and making it easier than ever to dive into the workplace with poise and confidence. 

While no replacement for the type of one-to-one coaching and tailored support you can receive at business school, these social media stars have garnered big followings for the right reasons. Their advice focuses on simple, practical strategies to help with everything from job applications to video interviews, salary negotiations, and even public speaking. 

Here are four worth watching. 

Best for resume revamping: Jeff Su

If you feel your resume needs a little TLC, jump straight into Jeff Su’s video on the five golden rules behind incredible resumes, which is sure to help you put a polish on yours. 

As well as being a great source of info on productivity systems, tools and apps, Su’s videos on resumes and cover letter-writing have garnered millions of views. Filled with simple, actionable and practical advice, his content gets straight to the point but always contains a surprising nugget or two. 

Best for interview prep: Linda Raynier 

Aimed at “ambitious, quiet, corporate achievers” who have an eye on the C-suite, Linda Raynier is all about upping your confidence and putting your best, authentic self forward to get the job.

With over 900,000 subscribers, the former accountant is known for her warm, practical and heart-centered advice. Her Interview Prep playlist is a great one to watch if you’ve got job interviews coming up, as it contains lots of smart strategies, simple techniques and genuinely helpful tips. 

Best for boosting your speaking skills: Jessica Chen

Figuring out how to use your voice strategically at work can be a big challenge when you are just getting started in your career. Research has shown newcomers speak up less often than people who have been in a job longer. 

Enter Jessica Chen. The Emmy-award-winning content creator is the author of Smart, Not Loud, and her videos, which often feature interviews with industry insiders, share lots of great advice for building speaking confidence at work. 

Best for career growth: Madeline Mann

Madeline Mann, aka Self Made Millennial, is a creator sharing tips on everything from job-hunting to job-hopping. Leaning on her HR background, her savvy insights delve into why employers and bosses ask the questions they ask—as well as how to answer them. 

But, she takes things a step further: regularly sharing content on how to impress at work, negotiate salary bumps, and improve your personal brand. Great watches include how to script and film a video resume as well as a handy collection of YouTube shorts which pack a serious punch. 

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This article was written by Nathalie Marquez Courtney