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From India To The USA: Hult MBAs Gain Access To Jobs In Startups In Silicon Valley

Indian MBAs at Hult International’s San Francisco campus are landing jobs in the world’s foremost startup hub

Tue Jan 17 2017

When Ankita Bagri started a full-time MBA at Hult International Business School’s San Francisco campus, she had never worked in the US before.

Originally from India, Ankita studied a BBA in Switzerland and worked for major luxury hotel chain in Dubai before relocating to the US to join Hult. Now, she runs sales at a travel tech startup in Silicon Valley, working alongside two fellow Hult MBA alums.

“Getting an MBA from Hult opened up the opportunity for a career in the United States,” she says. “As an international student from India, it’s not easy to secure jobs in the tech industry in San Francisco. Hult puts you where you need to be.”

Over 29,000 professionals from India took the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) in 2015, more than Western Europe and Africa combined. Indians account for almost 12% of the world’s GMAT-takers. Many look to MBA programs in the US.

When Ankita was considering business schools, Hult’s expansive alumni network and six international campuses - in London, Dubai, Shanghai, and Boston, San Francisco and New York in the US – stood out.

“Hult is a unique business school where you meet a wide range of students from various different countries and industries,” Ankita explains. “The professors at Hult are not just full-time lecturers, but working professionals who bring their own practical, real-world knowledge and experience to the classroom.

“The personal network that you build up at Hult counts for a lot more than any kind of online profile or eye-catching resume,” she continues. “It was the people I met and the close relationships I was able to build during my MBA, that led to my success in landing a job.”

In 2015, Hult graduates landed jobs at 800 companies in 60 countries worldwide. 75% of international MBA students at Hult’s US campuses gained employment in the US.

Fellow Indian MBA Pulak Jayaswal graduated alongside Ankita at Hult’s San Francisco campus in 2016. After his MBA, he was hired by a Silicon Valley-based real estate firm.

“The Hult MBA played a very crucial role in getting a job in the US,” he says. “In today’s business world, it’s important to have soft skills as well as hard skills. Hult offered a nice blend of both.

“The career development team conducted workshops which helped us self-brand and prepare for the US job market. And a dedicated one-to-one career advisor helped us tailor our career paths.”

Alongside tech giants like Facebook and Google, Silicon Valley is home to over 27,000 startups, according to startup networking site AngelList. Prior to his MBA, Pulak worked as a software engineer in Mumbai before testing out his own tech startup venture, an online property platform.

He’s determined to test himself in the world’s foremost startup hub. After an MBA at Hult, he’s well placed to do so.

“The Hult MBA was a journey of self-discovery,” he says. “The MBA provided me with a secure platform to develop intuitive business skills and to test my abilities, skills set, and emotional intelligence.

“I learnt how to utilize my strengths, overcome on weaknesses, and work effectively in the real world.”