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The Top 10 US MBA Programs Where Graduates Land The Most Jobs

US News & World Report ranking highlights the best MBA job placement rates in the US

By  Scott Kanowsky

Thu Mar 30 2017

US News & World Report’s latest MBA rankings have revealed the top 10 US MBA programs where graduates land the most jobs.

Temple University’s Fox School of Business tops the list. The Philadelphia-based institution reported 100% of its 2016 graduating MBA class found jobs within three months of graduation. Fox had particular success placing more than a quarter of their MBA graduates in finance and accounting jobs

Other US business schools churning out high numbers of immediately employable MBAs were the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business and the School of Business at Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey. Respectively, 98% and 97.2% of graduates from these schools landed a job within three months of graduation.

The US News list was based off job placement data provided by 131 ranked MBA programs. On average, 88.3% of full-time MBAs from these schools found work within that time.

The findings showed that some of the programs reporting the highest percentage of placements were not necessarily near the top of the overall US News business school rankings. The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business came in tenth in the placement listings while topping the overall business school rankings.

Both public and private business schools comprised the top ten MBA placement percentages.

The lowest placement percentage came out of Bowling Green State University in Ohio. Only 25% of the university’s MBAs found work within three months of graduation.

The US News & World Report's top 10 MBA programs by job placements: