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The 5 Best US Business Schools For Blockchain Courses

US Business Schools are tapping into Blockchain's potential, incorporating it into their MBA curriculum

After last year's drastic surge, the value of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other similar assets has proven to be volatile in early 2018. Both because, and in spite of this, the emerging cryptocurrency market remains a controversial and exciting topic.

For the uninitiated, blockchain—cryptocurrency's underlying distributed ledger architecture—may still be regarded as esoteric, but it's certainly acquired a strong foothold within leading MBA curricula.

Here are the five best US business schools for blockchain courses:

1. NYU’s Stern School of Business

Stern was an institutional early adopter, providing the first major university course devoted to cryptocurrency and blockchains—a joint offering between Stern and NYU Law.

Professor David Yermack, who taught this fledgling course with Geoffrey Miller of NYU Law, has witnessed the dramatic increase in academic interest for this field firsthand over the last two years. Their original course now boasts an enrollment of roughly 200 students with enough momentum to...

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