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The 10 Most Affordable US Online MBA Programs

Looking for a value-for-money Online MBA? Gaining transferable skills at a top school doesn’t have to be expensive. We list ten of the most affordable Online MBA programs in the US

By  Laura Wise

Thu Feb 2 2023

An Online MBA doesn't have to cost a fortune. Getting expansive, transferable skills and a top education while earning money without eyewatering students loans is now possible.

Online MBAs are more popular than ever with more MBA students in America now studying online than in person, and institutions offering online courses becoming more numerous by the year

In the 2020-2021 academic year, some 45,038 students were enrolled in Online MBAs in the U.S., compared to 43,740 in full-time, in-person programs, and institutions with Online MBA programs were more likely to have experienced a growth in student intake than those without online MBA programs.

The range of options makes choosing the right one for you is dependent on a number of factors. Accreditation, ranking, and opportunities for career advancement are all considerations while selecting an online MBA.

Perhaps the most important aspect, especially in the US where the degree is typically longer, is cost. Online MBAs don’t have to break the bank and there are relatively cheap online MBA options out there. 

According to data reported by US News and World in an annual survey, these are the top 10 most affordable public and private Online MBA programs in the US:

10. Missouri State University 

Cost: $333 per credit, $11,322 overall 

US News rank: 202 (tie)


©MSU University College of Business Facebook

The Missouri State University Online MBA program can be completed entirely online, which 50% of students opt to do. It has 34 credit hours (without foundation courses), with an estimated length of one to two years for full-time students, and three to four years for part-time students. 

9. University of Central Oklahoma

Cost: $352 per credit, $11,264 overall

US News rank: 234 (tie)


©University of Central Oklahoma Facebook

The UCO Online MBA requires 32-33 credit hours divided between a 24 credit–hour core and eight-nine credit hours of electives. Designed to be finished in 16 months, this flexible MBA program uses an accelerated format, with courses scheduled in eight-week modules. The program consists of three semesters, and one summer session in succession. 

8. Lamar University (Texas)

Cost: $331 per credit, $9,930 overall

US News Rank: 261-344


©Lamar University Facebook

Lamar University’s Online MBA can be completed in as few as 12 months. It provides you with a business education that includes core managerial finance and accounting knowledge, as well as marketing, strategic management, economics and international management courses.

7. University of Central Arkansas 

Cost: $325 per credit, $9,750 overall

US News rank: 261-344


©University of Central Arkansas Facebook

The University of Central Arkansas Online MBA degree is designed to accommodate the needs of professionals seeking career advancement and further knowledge and skills. The program requires 30 credit hours beyond the pre-requisites.

6. Northeastern State University (Oklahoma)

Cost: $268 per credit, $9,648

US News rank: 210 (tie)


©Northeastern State University Facebook

The Northeastern OMBA is an 18-month course made up of 36 credit hours. Its core curriculum includes courses on data skills, global strategy, and innovation and offers interactive live sessions. In 2021-2022, Northeastern State had a three-year graduation rate of 56%.

5. Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi 

Cost: $302 per credit, $9,060 overall 

US News rank: 261-344


©Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi University Facebook

The Corpus Christi OMBA program can be completed in as little as one year for students with an undergraduate business degree. It offers a number of Online MBA options including an MBA in data analytics, finance, and accounting. 

4. Eastern University (Pennsylvania)

Cost: $300 per credit, $9,000 overall 

US News rank: 261-344


©Eastern University Facebook

Eastern University’s Online MBA is self-paced within each term, and can be finished in as little as 10 months. It is made up of 30 credits and has options including an MBA in healthcare administration and an MBA in management. 

3. Fitchburg State University (Massachusetts)

Cost: $284 per credit, $8,520 overall

US News rank: 261-344


©Fitchburg State University Facebook

Fitchburg State University has multiple 100% Online MBA programs, designed to meet the needs of working professionals. Its accelerated online courses means you can finish faster than you might in a traditional on-campus MBA program. You need 30 credits to graduate and 2021-2022, it had a three-year graduation rate of 78%.

2. University of Texas Permian Basin

Cost: $275 per credit, $8,250 overall 

US News rank: 132 (tie)


©The University of Texas Permian Basin Facebook

Permian Basin’s Online MBA’s 30 credits can be completed in as little as one year. It has no out-of-state tuition rates, so you can earn this degree from anywhere in the world for no additional cost. During your program, you’ll set your own learning schedule and complete coursework as is convenient to you. It had a three-year graduation rate of 68%. 

1. Louisiana Tech University 

Cost: $258 per credit, $7,740 Overall 

US News rank: 85 (tie)


©LA Tech College of Business Facebook

Both the most affordable and highest ranking university on the US News list. Louisiana Tech has a flat tuition rate for its online programs, which can be completed anywhere at anytime. The school has a three year graduation rate of 72%. 

US's Most Affordable Online MBA Programs