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Do Women Work Harder Than Men?

On this International Women’s Day special episode of The Business School Question, we ask our panel of leadership experts: Do women work harder than men?


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On the latest episode of The Business School Question, we’re marking International Women’s Day and asking the question: Do women work harder than men?

To answer it, we’re joined by Dr. Kellie McElhaney, author, TedX speaker, mother of two, professor at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, and founder of the school’s Center for Equity, Gender, & Leadership.

And Elissa Sangster, CEO of the Forté Foundation, a non-profit organization which says it’s changing the balance of power in the workplace and, through its Forte Fellowships, has helped more than 6,000 women pursue MBA degrees to take their careers forward.

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Friday 24th April 2020, 08.22 (UTC)


According to Hive, women work 10 percent harder than men in today's offices. This conclusion is the product of two other statistics. First, both men and women actually complete about 66 percent of their assigned work. However, women are assigned 10 percent more work than men these days — that they achieve the same completion rate tells us that they're being more industrious. This I think means that women are tend to be more productive though we must not generalize it. Saying that women 'works harder than men' is I think a hasty generalization. The conclusion is, every one has the ability to work hard if he/she wanted to. Regards, Wellington housing.

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