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Nanyang Business School Promotes Green Trading

Recent corporate social responsibility initiatives show Nanyang MBA are taking steps to develop leaders for a sustainable world.

By  Harriet Murdoch

Wed Sep 28 2011


Nanyang Business School has recently been active in promoting several exciting activities in corporate social responsibility (CSR), as part of its mission to develop leaders for a sustainable world.

Nanyang have recently made a new addition to their MBA course on sustainability called ‘Green Trading and Emissions Trading for Managers’. Green trading and emissions trading are becoming more and more prevalent in global economic systems as they are the instruments used to incentivise the energy sector uses to reduce negative externalities, or in plain English, the social and environmental costs of carbon emissions.

Nanyang have launched this course to help students understand this fast-growing industry and its implications for Asian economies and businesses. The module will be taught by Prof. Pushkala Lakshmi Ratan, a Senior Analyst with Carbon Advisory Services NEG Micon Pvt (India) Ltd.

After recent guidelines issued by the Singapore Stock Exchange encouraged its listed companies to disclose the figures relating to their environmental and social impacts, the social enterprise CSR Asia launched a forum on Sustainability Disclosure.

The Nanyang MBA participated as the event’s academic partner. This forum was attended by 150 delegates drawn from corporations and government bodies. Speakers included Simon Lord who presented a business case study on sustainability reporting in his company New Britain Palm Oil, Sean Gilbert on the international reporting framework and Nanyang’s esteemed academic Dr Patricia Tan who was spoke on recent developments in reporting and how to respond to the aforementioned Sinapore Stock Exchange Guidelines.

Mandar Gori, The Nanyang MBA Student Executive Committee representative and Vice-President (Sustainability) who attended the forum said, “This event has opened my eyes to the future of public reporting of sustainability initiatives in the corporate world and its importance to the business.”

Turning to the problems facing disabled people, Nanyang MBA students organised the first ever MBA Olympics in Singapore to raise funds for the Cambodia Trust who do brilliant work to gain equality for people with disabilities in the developing world.

The entrepreneurial group, all members of Nanyang’s CSR Club, organised a series of competitions between rival MBA schools in Singapore; SP Jain, NUS, Nanyang and Insead, taking rivalry out of the lecture room and onto the sports field! Most of the medals were won by Nanyang and SP Jain.

“We wanted an event that not only symbolized the spirit of team work and diversity among management students, but captured their growing sense of awareness towards meaningful contribution to society," said Jaiganesh Pasupathy, the CSR club Co-chair. “It is a step towards becoming not only efficient but also morally stronger management professionals in an era that’s marked by deep blemishes left behind by unethical corporate governance.”

Snigdha Nandan, who was the co-chair of the CSR club, said that not only was the MBA Olympics a fun way to raise money but provided a networking platform to all the MBAs in Singapore. Under her leadership the CSR club were also involved in another initiative providing pro-bono consulting to a charitable organisation in Singapore called MINDS. “The CSR club helped develop future strategy to improve business in their Social Enterprises, we also provided them with implementation plans to improve their marketing initiatives through better branding and marketing communications.”