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Top ESADE MSc Student Automatically Eligible for Second Masters

Baran Nalbantoglu earned grades in the top five percent of his ESADE MSc class, so now is eligible for another Master's degree at one of ESADE's partner schools: HEC Paris!

Baran Nalbantoglu just ended classes for his ESADE MSc programme last week – and he will be starting at HEC Paris in the fall for a second Master’s degree!
Since Nalbantoglu performed in the top five percent of his ESADE class this year, he became eligible to complete another degree at one of ESADE’s partner universities. He simply wrote a letter of intent and didn’t have to go through a formal application process to continue his studies at HEC Paris, a relief for Nalbantoglu.
Although Nalbantoglu, a Turkish national, will study international business this fall and just finished the ESADE MSc programme in Marketing, he ultimately is looking to work in the consulting industry. He said he doesn’t necessarily want to work in the big consulting firms, but would prefer to work in a mid-size firm that focuses on marketing strategies.
With about two years of internships and jobs under his belt, Nalbantoglu said he was more experienced than most of his classmates who typically had about six months of work experience. 
“I had an internship in investment banking, I had two internships in sales departments, I had an internship in an international events department and, finally, I worked for Red Bull in the marketing department,” Nalbantoglu said. “So I was one of the most experienced guys in the Master’s programme.”
Right now, Nalbantoglu is adding one more summer internship to that list: he is working in an international business development role at household appliances firm Beko in Barcelona until he begins at HEC Paris in September.
“Now I have further chance to improve my Spanish actually,” Nalbantoglu said. “They’re pretty tolerant at Beko.”
Nalbantoglu has been working on his Spanish since arriving in at ESADE three weeks before the semester began last fall to complete an intensive Spanish language program offered by ESADE. Nalbantoglu said he is glad that he spent that time, and the entire school year, in Barcelona; the city is one of the reasons that Nalbantoglu chose to attend ESADE in the first place.
“Barcelona, as a city, stood out,” Nalbantoglu said. ‘The people here are different: social, intelligent, highly cultured, fun. All my friends who visited me say that ESADE has the coolest people.”

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