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Prestigious CEMS MIM Programme Offered To ESADE MSc Students

CEMS MIM is a prestigious two-year programme that top ESADE MSc students participate in to network with other schools!

ESADE MSc student Andreas Vennervald chose to attend ESADE so that he could be a part of the prestigious CEMS Master’s in Management programme. ESADE allows students to apply to both its MSc programme and CEMS MIM, which enables 1,000 students worldwide each year to be a part of the network between 28 schools.
Vennervald said he had his eye on the CEMS MIM programme before choosing exactly where to get his Master’s. But the fact that he had previously spent nine months in Spain learning Spanish “made it a natural choice to go to Spain for my Master’s.”
In addition to Spanish, though, Vennervald can also speak German, Danish and German. (He said he has been brushing up on his German while at ESADE and is better at German than he’s ever been before – despite the fact he is living in Spain!)
With his knowledge of foreign languages, Vennervald easily satisfied the CEMS MIM requirement of fluency in three languages! This is a prerequisite so that CEMS students can network with other students at partner schools, but can network professionally with CEMS alumni and possibly find employment opportunities.
Vennervald has already landed an internship this summer with telecom consultancy Analysys Mason in Cambridge, an opportunity he said he might not have received if not for his marketing courses at ESADE. He hopes to apply his marketing interest and skills to a career in management and strategy consulting back in Denmark after graduating.
“A lot of students want to work for big companies and take care of a specific product, but I think it’s a bit too monotonous because you always work with the same brand,” Vennervald said. “Consulting gives you a chance to find out what you like the best.” 

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