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ESADE Helping Vesela Nedkova To An International Marketing Career

Vesela is working on a project at L'Oreal while on the one-year program in Barcelona, Spain

Tue Jan 31 2012


Vesela Nedkova knew she wanted to be in marketing when she was just 15, when she started doing PR for her school newspaper. Now, she is building a solid base for an international career with the ESADE Business School MSc Marketing Management.

Vesela, 23, discovered her passion for marketing early on. “It was through asking people what they wanted to read in the school newspaper and thinking of strategies to get them interested that I knew what I wanted to do”, she says.

Years later, she feels its important to study a programme taught by experts in her field of interest. She says, “I have been very happy to be in Barcelona and Spain but that was not my main criteria, I had the opportunity to talk to members of the Admissions team and it gave me a very positive view of the programme.”

Coming from Bulgaria and having experienced education in several parts of the world including a BSc. International Business and Management from Rijksuniversiteit, Gronigen Netherlands and a year studying marketing and human resource management at the Australian National University, Vesela was keen on a programme that would allow her to apply marketing concepts such as brand auditing and advanced marketing strategies to real life projects outside the course.

ESADE MSc Marketing Management has us doing project work for several companies as part of the course. Right now I am working on a project for L’oreal. We also have the freedom to take part in a project called Brandstorm, a collaboration between different business schools.” Experiences like these have persuaded Vesela that she is on the right track.

Right now, Vesela is applying to graduate programmes at firms that also offer travel opportunities. She is interested in international business and for her, “the best way to gain perspective is by visiting different cultures and meeting new people”.

She would like to be involved in emerging markets in Asia or Latin America and she’s gathered some useful information from seminars organized by the Career’s services, “during this forum I also got to meet companies and the Career’s services have been extremely helpful with applications”, she says.

Vesela remains, “Very giddy about the programme” and is looking forward to working on real marketing campaigns when she graduates in 2012.