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Leading B-School Deans Map Out Challenges From Paris

The world’s most respected business schools and directors from some of the world’s most influential brands including Apple and Google will address the challenges facing management education.

By  Seb Murray

Mon Apr 28 2014

The world’s leading business schools will gather in Paris today to thrash-out the key global challenges facing management education. Deans from top universities will be joined by leading companies including Google and Apple.

Blended learning will be at the top of the agenda. Many schools have been left behind in the online MBA education race. David J Lefevre, Director of Educational Technology at Imperial College Business School, is a speaker. Moocs will also be on the schedule.

Innovation and entrepreneurship will also be key themes. There is a session dedicated to the trend of MBAs shunning the corporate world. Talks will also centre on emerging markets as a start-up destination.

Delegates will also discuss the issue of gender diversity. Few business schools have an equal male to female ratio. It is a problem echoed in the wider business world.

Rajesh Ahuja, head of talent acquisition for EMEA and APAC at tech giant Infosys, will take questions on developing closer ties with schools. Yvonne Buysman, a regional director from Apple, will also provide scope. There has been a decline in European campus recruiting this year.

The Association of MBAs’ international conference will fly under the banner “MBA education – views from the top”. As of Friday, 174 deans and MBA directors from 127 schools across 47 countries were expected to attend.

The conference will run from 28 – 30 April.