Careers In Business: Hult’s New Dual Degree Program Gives Students A Competitive Advantage

MBA and Masters students at Hult can earn two degrees in 18 months

Daniel Goez got married two weeks before a full-time MBA at Hult International Business School. His wife applied too. And, in September this year, they embarked on their MBA journey together.

After graduation, Daniel has his sights set on the World Bank’s super-competitive Young Professionals Program, where candidates rotate globally across a variety of positions for four years.

To stand out, he’s opted for Hult’s brand new Dual Degree Program in Boston, USA. He’ll study a one-year MBA followed by a fast-track, six-month Master of Finance. By Spring 2018, he’ll have earnt two degrees in just 18 months.

‘It’s a year-and-a-half honeymoon!’ Daniel laughs. “What I love about the Hult MBA is the focus on soft skills: leadership and managing people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

“Sure, we have Harvard and MIT Sloan two blocks away. But when you go and meet with students there, there’s no diversity in terms of mindset. In my class at Hult, there’s a doctor, an architect, an economist, a banker, all with different points of view.”

So why the additional Master of Finance? “That’s where the hard skills come in,” Daniel explains.

“The World Bank program is absurdly competitive. They want depth and breadth of expertise. They want technical and soft skills. They want you to be a leader and a subject matter expert at the same time. The dual degree puts me one step above the competition.”

Daniel is a seasoned serial entrepreneur. He started a number of businesses in his native Colombia, including a sustainable construction company and a social impact fund, prior to his MBA. In terms of his long-term future, he’s keeping his options open.

He’s well placed to do so. At Hult, 99% of MBA and business master’s students change either country, industry, or location after graduation.


German master’s student Yvonne Kloiber chose Hult’s Dual Degree Program for a holistic view of business. She’s studying the pre-experience Master of International Business program followed by a Master of International Marketing.

“Hult’s Dual Degree Program is unique,” she says. “I’ll graduate with two Masters degrees, which will give me a competitive advantage over a lot of other job applicants.”

Hult boasts six international campuses in London, Dubai, Shanghai, and Boston, San Francisco and New York in the US. Two-thirds of the international master’s students at Hult’s US campuses find jobs in the US after graduation.

“The main benefit of Hult is the community here,” Yvonne continues. “Networking is big in the US and the professors at Hult know everybody by name.

“Plus, the school’s career advisors support you throughout the year. They have a book of resumes that goes to corporate employees with links to the school. That just went out on December 1st. I know a lot of students and alumni who have already got jobs through that.”


Saugat Kandel is the first Nepalese student to study at Hult’s Boston campus. It’s his first time in the US, and he hopes to stay. He’s already applied for consulting internships at McKinsey and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

Like Yvonne, he chose Hult’s Dual Degree Program – he’s studying a Master of International Business followed by a Master of Finance – to help him stand out to graduate employers in the US.

“Hult prepares you for the job market from day one,” he says. “Before Hult, I didn’t know how to network. Hult gives you the chance to make international connections in six of the world’s leading cities.

“For international students, the US job market is very competitive,” he continues. The dual degree gives you that competitive advantage.”

Dual Degree applicants who confirm their seat at Hult before February 5th 2017 will receive a full scholarship for their second degree, saving $27,000. Find out more here (for MBA applicants) and here (for Master of International Business applicants).

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