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21st Century Business Education At The Fletcher School

The Fletcher School’s Master in International Business covers the governmental, legal and environmental realities that influence business.

By  Stephen Bush

Tue Aug 16 2011

As the Fletcher School welcomes its third class into its policy-focused two-year Master in International Business, we take a look at what the program, which is an exciting alternative to the MBA, offers.

The Fletcher Master in International Business (MIB) is a hybrid international business/international relations degree. It was founded on the principle that business professionals today must be well-versed not only in business management and strategy but also the complex reality of external governmental, legal, social, and environmental factors that influence business.

While Fletcher MIB students acquire the concrete skills that an MBA provides, they also study the issues that are inherent to doing business in an international environment, such as international geopolitics, economics, trade legislation, business law, negotiation, the role of international NGOs, and regional studies.

MIB students receive a strong core education in business subjects including finance, marketing, statistics, accounting and strategic management. All students pick one business focus area and one international affairs focus area. Business focus areas include: International Finance and Banking, Strategic Management and Consulting, International Marketing, and International Public and NGO Management.

About 40 per cent of the class is from outside the US, and all members of the class must demonstrate proficiency in another language, preferably a major business language.

The list of companies and public sector organisations where students have gone on to work after graduation is impressive. They include banks JP Morgan, Nomura Securities and BNP Paribas; Amazon.com, Cisco, GE and Pfizer; the China Beijing Environment Exchange; the Mexican Federal Electricity Commission and the Turkish Trade Ministry. Click here for the full list!

To apply for the Fletcher School’s Master in International Business, click here