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Get insider contacts for top jobs, investment, mentoring

OneLeap is a new company founded by MBAs from Cambridge's Judge School of Business

By  Harriet Murdoch

Wed Nov 2 2011

Imagine the job, investment or mentoring opportunities you would have if you could contact anyone. Ambitious businessbecause users should sign up to OneLeap.

It's still in beta, but anyone who joins OneLeap (signup fast with your Linkedin profile) can directly message any other members, including high-powered business people like the founders of Xing and Bebo, captains of industry like Lord Stevenson and Sir Paul Judge and senior executives and board members from top global companies (check out OneLeap's featured users here).

All you have to do to message them is put down a deposit to show you're not wasting their time. In return, you get a guaranteed reply within 10 days - or your money back. The recipient can choose to either return your deposit, or send it to charity (half your favourite charity, half theirs). Read on the OneLeap site about the amazing contacts job and business contacts users are already making. And by signing up you've also got a great way to filter contact you receive: hear only from great people serious enough to put their money where their mouth is. Sign up today and get ahead at OneLeap.