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Manchester Business School Visits Rolls Royce!

MBS students learned more about MBA opportunities in the energy and industry fields.

Fri Jun 28 2013

Manchester is home to both Manchester Business School and the historic Midland Hotel where Charles Rolls and Henry Royce of aerospace and automotive manufacturer Rolls Royce met in 1904 before the luxury car division became a separate entity in 1972. 
Manchester’s Energy and Industry Club leveraged contacts with the school’s alumni to organize a club visit to the company. Club President, Chris Probert; VP of Communications, Yulius Bulo and VP of Events, Kemal Nasser set the visit up as part of an annual program of events focusing on different areas within the energy and industry sector. 
24 students attended the half-day visit to the plant in Derby last month, which included a presentation about Rolls Royce, the civil aerospace industry and a “bird’s eye view” tour of the engines being produced for companies such as Airbus and Boeing.
The plant visit helped students who are already interested in careers in energy and industry to realize just how vast the opportunities are for MBAs in industries such as aerospace (which will hit the $3.2 trillion mark over the next 15 years). 
“Perhaps people don’t understand the size of industry,” Probert said. “As people in the industry tend to be engineering graduates, there is an opportunity for more commercially-minded MBAs with an understanding of marketing and finance that you can transfer.”
The Energy and Industry Club’s vision is to provide a platform for its members’ to begin and further develop careers at a variety of energy and industry companies.
“When we say energy and industry, we’re not just talking about oil & gas: we’re talking about a company like Rolls Royce which manufactures engines for airlines, helicopters, ships and submarines.” Probert said. “They also provide power for oil and gas rigs, but the club has focused on more than just the extraction industries”. The club will hold its annual election for the Class of 2015 in November of this year.