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Judge MBAs Predict Football World Cup

Argentina, Paraguay, France and Spain four final four? (This was two weeks ago)

Fri Jun 25 2010

According to Judge Business School's MBA CLass of 2010, the best part of Cambridge life includes sport, history and the multinational student body.

They could be right about that, but they weren't quite so hot on the football. Italy and France were among their favorites as the World Cup kicked off two weeks ago.

Most of the class gathered at Brown's Restaurant - one of the city's most famous restaurants - for canapes and Pimm's, laid on as part of the School's annual Leadership In Action lecture series. 

During the summer term a string of prominent people from big business, the arts, start-ups and the public sector visit Judge to talk about the professional and personal challenges of leading organisations. 

As well as Cambridge life and footie, they took time to explain why they landed at Judge: the School's entrepreneurship programme figured prominently. Check out the video for more. 

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