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The Bath MBA Is Opening Doors For Women In Business

Bath School of Management’s full-time MBA is one of the most gender diverse in the Economist's global top 60

Gender diversity can boost productivity in the workplace. According to a 2015 study by McKinsey, gender diverse companies are 15% more likely to have financial returns above national industry average.

Yet globally, Grant Thornton estimates that just 25% of senior management positions – and only 12% of CEO roles – are filled by women.

Bath School of Management’s full-time MBA program is one of the most gender diverse in the Economist's global top 60. In 2013, 50% of its MBAs were women. In this year’s class, it’s a healthy 43%.

The UK business school’s dean - Professor Veronica Hope Hailey – is leading an effort to boost numbers of women in business, helping young professionals gain access to top-level, CEO roles traditionally occupied by men.

Bath’s 40-to-50-student MBA class is comprised of around 25 different nationalities. Women from all over the world are coming to Bath then returning home to climb the corporate ladder, break the glass ceiling, and make an impact. In fact, 96% of Bath MBAs land new jobs within three months of graduation.

How far is the MBA an enabler for women in business? We spoke to two international Bath MBAs to find out.

Sasipa Khamklai, MBA ‘16

Sasipa says that the Bath MBA gave her a competitive edge in the jobs market. After graduation, she returned home to her native Thailand and beat off strong competition to land a job as operations manager for the British Council in Bangkok.

Why did you decide to pursue an MBA at Bath?

I wanted to develop my ability to think globally, expand my career potentials, and get equipped with advanced business and managerial skills. The Bath MBA was ideal for developing the necessary skills required for a senior managerial role as well as starting my own business in the future. 

I did receive a few offers from other schools with scholarship included. However, I chose the Bath MBA, not only because the business school is recognized globally, but also its location in a beautiful and historic World Heritage Site.

How has the Bath MBA opened doors for you?

There is no doubt that the Bath MBA prepared me well for where I am today. Upon my return to Thailand, many recruiters told me that the job market could be quite competitive. However, I was offered a job in just one month after I returned to my hometown. I am positive that the MBA I received helped me to secure the role.

The Bath MBA also helped me developed the leadership skills required for a managerial role and provided a great opportunity for connections with colleagues from different countries with various business backgrounds.

How far is the MBA an enabler for women in business?

An MBA gives women a competitive advantage. It’s beneficial for whatever industry women choose to go into and significantly helps further women’s careers in the same way it does for men. By earning an MBA, you move a step closer to top management position.

In Thailand and globally, I do see more and more women in high-level positions so I am quite positive about the future for women in business. However, the issue of gender equality has to be incorporated within corporate culture first, to ensure that both sexes have an equal chance for success.

Janet Ngbede, MBA ‘16


Janet relocated from Nigeria to kick-start her career in finance with the Bath MBA. During her MBA, she got the opportunity to work on a project with Crossrail – a new high-capacity railway for London and the UK’s South-East, considered Europe’s biggest construction project.

Why did you decide to pursue an MBA at Bath?

I was at a point in my career when I knew an MBA was necessary for where I was going to; to develop crucial management and leadership skills and to gain advanced management and business knowledge. I chose the Bath MBA because of the high quality of learning and skills I sought. The high ranking, content, structure, and international nature of the program matched what I was looking for.

Although I also applied to other highly-ranked MBA programs in the UK and was made admission offers, in the end I chose the Bath MBA because of the overwhelming support and friendliness of the school’s admissions team.

How has the Bath MBA opened doors for you?

I wanted to acquire additional management knowledge and leadership skills to enable me to make a difference in my role, which the Bath MBA offered me. Also, launching into accounting and management consulting was a part of my career goals and the Bath MBA equipped me with the necessary knowledge, skills and resources for this.

The Bath MBA program offers robust career resources, support and guidance for students and alumni. The school provides networking opportunities and connects students to prospective employers through internships and projects. I had the opportunity to do my final MBA project at Crossrail in London, contributing to Crossrail’s learning legacy.

What else stands out from your MBA experience at Bath?

The Bath MBA class is a diverse melting pot of people from different nationalities, cultures, academic and work backgrounds, that work together and share knowledge. We had 24 nationalities in my class of 43 people!

The Bath MBA greatly sharpened my soft skills. The program’s structure and curriculum is focused on helping students develop these skills by engaging in group learning, presentations, discussions, and projects for real firms.

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