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P&G Exec And Mother On Imperial Distance Learning MBA

MBA was a 40th birthday gift to herself for Preethi Das of Imperial College Business School

In this video Procter and Gamble executive Preethi Das explains why she wanted an MBA that she could complete along with her work.

She registered for the course in 2005 while living in Dubai, but took a while to get started because in Dubai she wasn’t really in study mode.

In the end she took three years to earn her MBA, between 2009 and 2011.

Imperial College Business School launched the Distance Learning MBA Program to help students who want to balance work, family and study. Students can complete in up to four years after registration.

Preethi says she’s “damn glad” she completed the program and expects it to open doors for her within P&G.

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Monday 27th June 2011, 14.13 (UTC)


great that imperial introduced you to some fellow students - definitely makes it easier to work together online if you've met at least once

Thursday 30th June 2011, 09.39 (UTC)


Imperial include an Induction week, where DLMBA students can meet and network. It definitely helps students interact once it's over. imperial.ac.uk/dlmba

Thursday 4th August 2011, 13.16 (UTC)


We forget that our peers motivate us, whether they intend to or not - seeing them work hard persuades us to work harder - something that is lacked through distance learning.

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