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Why MBA: Shanghai's Advanced Institute Of Finance

Ying Hu says Shanghai is perfect place to launch banking career

Sat Oct 31 2015

Ying Hu believes that in Shanghai, arguably the financial capital of China, “SAIF-ers” have more opportunities to land MBA jobs in finance than in other cities.

A 2014 graduate of the full-time MBA at Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance, she is well placed to know. During the program, she secured an internship at China’s Industrial Bank. Previously, she studied human resources management and worked in sales in corporate banking.

Tell me about your background.

I graduated from a bachelor’s degree at Nankai University majoring in human resource management in 2009.

From 2009 to 2012, I worked at the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Tianjin Branch, as a sales account manager of corporate banking.

Why did you decide to study an MBA at SAIF?

I wanted to break away from my original way of life, and to challenge myself. SAIF is top finance institute in China. Other colleges focus on [general] management. I am very interested in investing and want to systematically learn more about finance.

What’s the most valuable thing you learned on the program?

I believe the most valuable thing is that I changed my way of thinking, and have a deeper understanding of finance.

You secured an internship at Industrial Bank Co - how did the team at SAIF help you?

It was easy to get market recognition because of SAIF’s reputation. And SAIF’s teaching lays a solid financial foundation. SAIF’s career development center also provide job consulting services throughout the two year program.

Which branch of the company did you work in and what was the most difficult part of the interview process?

The department of financial markets that provides services for other banks. I don’t have the experience of servicing the [large] financial institutions such as the banks.

How important are internships for MBA students hoping to land finance jobs in China?

It is very important for MBA students, especially for full-time MBAs. MBA students have work experience and have clear goals. Internships could make dreams a reality, and help us to find the most suitable jobs.

What’s the best thing about working in Shanghai?

Shanghai is the financial capital of China. Many financial institutions are located in Shanghai, so SAIF-ers have more opportunities than in other cities.

Shanghai is currently beating other areas of mainland China in the race to set up free trade zones. How do you think free trade zones will affect the city?

Free trade zones can promote the opening up of service trade, and carry RMB interest rate marketization a step forward. And the big boost is the foreign investment promotion. This is a pilot project of Chinese reform. Innovation in financial services could provide new job opportunities for us.

What are your plans for the future?

My long-term goal is to become a banker.