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Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance

The Master in Finance is among the most popular graduate business school degrees. But are Masters in Finance worth the investment?

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The finance MBA has dual mentors, one from SAIF and one from the financial industry


Shanghai or "Hu" for short is also known locally as "Shen"


Accomodation in Shanghai is avaliable from as little as USD $6 per day!


Xia Zi Da Wu Shen, stewed sea cucumber, is famous Shanghai cuisine


Shanghai has a population of 14.57 million and is Chinas most populated city


SAIF students recently met with President Obama at the Shanghai Science Museum


Shanghai is China's largest commercial and financial centre


Scholarships available for overseas students to study the Finance MBA or MFin

SAIF Finance MBA program aims to help those who want to pursue a successful career in finance. Whatever your prior profession is, SAIF paves your way towards the financial world with: Worldwide gurus of finance, with expertise in both western and Chinese markets; Advanced curriculum in Finance, furthering your know-how; Virtual trading practice based on real-time stock fluctuations; A gathering of talented human capital, leads to the exchange of brilliant minds; Not Just Finance --- also covering other relevant subjects; Growing value of your degree, with the rapid growth of SAIF and Chinese financial markets; Tailor-made career service.

The Master of Finance program started in 2009. The objective of the program is to deliver to students modern financial theory, sophisticated quantitative tools and practical knowledge of the financial industry.


The aim of the Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance (SAIF) is to attract and develop top talent for China's financial sector and to generate cutting-edge knowledge in finance theory and applications.

The Institute launched its full-time MBA and Master of Finance in September 2009. It is now adding executive degrees and a PhD program.

The faculty consists of world-known scholars, many of whom are from leading business schools around the world. Courses are taught in English and cover the themes of global business education, with a Chinese focus.

From the bright lights of the Bund to its bustling markets and malls Shanghai has long been a center for global commerce. Today Shanghai is the largest center for commerce and finance in mainland China, and has been described as the "showpiece" of the world's fastest-growing major economy.

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School Location

  • Why are you seeking to pursue your MBA programme now in relation to your short and long-term career goals? Explain, as specifically as possible, how an MBA from SAIF will contribute to these goals? (400 words)
  • (a) Describe your most significant work-related achievement and explain why you view it as such.
  • or (b) Describe a difficult situation where you demonstrated leadership skills to achieve a positive outcome. (400 words)
  • (a) Describe a professional failure and what were the lessons learned?
  • or (b) Describe a situation where your values, ethics or morals were challenged and how did you handle the situation. (400 words)
  • What is your option of the current Financial Crisis? (400 words)

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AKA: Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Application Deadlines: 31 May

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