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Why MBA: UWA Business School - Perth, Australia

Conrad Pires says Australia-based MBA is the perfect foundation for a career in innovation


Thu Jun 30 2016

Already an accomplished consultant, account and project manager, Conrad Pires says an MBA from the University of Western Australia gave him the perfect foundation upon which to succeed as an innovator in any business field.

In today’s fast-changing business environment, flexibility is the key to success. And armed with his MBA, Conrad aims to help companies adapt more quickly to changing markets, enabling them to innovate and move ahead of the curve.

He currently volunteers on the board of ConnectGroups, a Perth-based not-for-profit providing peer support in the health and social service sectors.

Boasting a world-class faculty, strong connections with prominent global corporations, and a focus on leadership and entrepreneurship, the UWA MBA is the perfect launch-pad for a career in innovation.

Why did you decide to pursue an MBA at UWA?

I’d spent a decade overseas working with emerging technologies and had transitioned from technical to commercial roles. I wanted to build on my on-the-job experience and believed an MBA was the best way to do this.

I also wanted to better position myself to address newly emerging industries, technologies and ways of working.

UWA has the most historic MBA program in Western Australia, and has an impressive reputation to go with it. That, along with its international accreditation, excellent guest lecturers and top-level industry networking, made it the right program for me.

What should prospective applicants take into account when deciding on an MBA?

If you’re considering an MBA but aren’t committed, my advice would be to just go ahead and do it. While an MBA does require serious commitment, the journey in itself will be revealing.

You’ll discover strengths you didn’t know you had, gain new perspectives, and you might even find yourself in an unexpected yet highly fulfilling career.

What makes Perth an attractive destination for MBAs?

Perth boasts an enviably relaxed lifestyle, made all the more attractive by endless sunshine and blue skies!

UWA’s campus is just a few minutes from the city’s best beaches and its bustling business district. Perth is also located right next door to the burgeoning Asian economy and all of its potential opportunities.

What stood out about your MBA experience at UWA?

The entrepreneurship and innovation specialization allowed me to learn from and interact with a diverse range of interesting guest speakers. Over the course of the module, I was able to analyze Perth’s growing bar scene, and I also worked in a group to commercialize a UWA scientist’s invention.

Not only has it given me the perfect foundation for my entrepreneurial skills, it has enabled me to apply an adaptive and innovative approach to the corporate world.

How else has the MBA helped you in your career? 

It’s exposed me to new people, industries, ideas and ways of thinking. It’s helped me further develop my soft skills, such as leadership, innovation and communication.

I also built a strong professional network during my MBA, and it has given me the tools and the motivation necessary to succeed in business.

What are your plans for the future?

My focus is on using my strategic, innovative, consulting and business development skills within organizations to enable them to adapt more quickly to evolving markets, and have a positive impact on their customers. In the long-term, I see myself taking on bigger executive leadership roles.

These are very exciting times. And my MBA gives me many opportunities to consider.