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Webinar | How Can An MBA Accelerate Your Career In Business?

Find out how an MBA can advance your career in business by enhancing hard and soft skills


Thu Oct 20 2022

For ideas how an MBA can help you to advance your career in 2023 and beyond, this BusinessBecause Presents webinar discusses some of the practical executive and...
nagement skills the prestigious qualification can equip you with. 

This webinar is delivered in partnership with the School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL).

To find out how an MBA can expand your hard and soft skills, BusinessBecause editor, Sian Phillips, speaks with the dean, head of admissions and former alumni of SOIL.

Key takeaways from this webinar:

- Discover the ways in which studying an MBA can help to grow your network and industry experience
- How can an MBA grow your skill set and boost your competitiveness in the job market
- Learn some application tips for MBA entry

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