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I Found A Career That Makes A Difference After My MBA: Here’s How

Find out how this MBA graduate is making a difference by launching an impactful career in sustainability after business school


Tue Feb 28 2023

Radhika Ralhan launched a career as a sustainability manager for leading global logistics company after completing her MBA. 

Determined to make a difference in her career, after graduating from a postgraduate degree in sociology from Delhi School of Economics, Radhika acquired extensive experience in sustainability and CSR for a range of companies in India and the USA. 

Her efforts were recognized by the Atlas Corps Fellowship 2020 program, one of the top global professional fellowships in the world by the US Consulate, for her work in enacting social change in her community. 

In 2021, Radhika decided to propel her career in sustainability further by applying for an MBA at Maastricht School of Management (MSM). Her decision proved successful as she's since taken her passion for sustainability global. 

Pursuing a career that matters

In her role as sustainability manager for a leading global logistics company, Radhika monitors the companies’ organizational environmental strategies and works to find sustainable supply chain solutions. It is her job to make sure that her team finds innovative ways to stay green. . 

In studying an MBA, Radhika aimed to develop her leadership skills. She felt this could elevate her career and help her step into a role which would provide more responsibility. 

“Working in sustainability is, of course, about the difference you make to the environment. But it is also about knowing how to work with people. Leadership management is key in my job," Radhika explains. 

“I was drawn to the emphasis on leadership that the program at MSM focuses on,” she adds.

Radhika decided to expand her career outside of India and pursue her MBA in Europe. She was awarded the orange tulip scholarship—a scheme available at MSM which offers talented students around the world the chance to study in the Netherlands. Along with a crowd funding campaign which meant that her family and friends from across the world came forward to support her in her educational endeavors.

How can an MBA benefit your career?

Radhika attributes many of the skills she gained from her MBA for her deep understanding of sustainable management today. 

“Now I can see how the modules we learnt, and my specialization helped me so much in my role. From supply chain management to working with international people," she says.

"MSM also encouraged me to pursue an internship at Philips DA. During my internship I also focused on sustainability and created the sustainability Index for the company," she adds. 

Determined to launch her sustainability career internationally after her MBA, Radhika chose to specialize in international business and sustainable development while at MSM. 

The specialization equips students with a holistic overview of sustainable development and equips them with hands-on skills that they would use in the business world. Students cover topics such as sustainable supply chain, global supply chain sustainability, economics and human rights. Enrolling equipped Radhika with valuable skills which she uses in her work today, she says.

“My specialization gave me a solid foundation of sustainable development,” she adds. 

How could an MBA help you launch a career in sustainability? 

Radhika's story is proof that choosing to study an MBA program which integrates sustainable business practices is a good way to develop the skills needed to excel in an impact driven role. 

MSM keeps sustainable development at the forefront of its teaching. Students take part in a sustainable development goals (SDG) challenge, which requires them to think critically about how to tackle modern day sustainability challenges. They also work in teams to curate and present their goals and explain how their ideas could tangibly impact climate change. 

“I was the winner of the SDG challenge in 2020 and MSM takes a very critical part in keeping students engaged with SDG challenges and creating sustainable goals. All students from different departments can take part in the SDG challenge and learn about how to make sustainable changes,” says Radhika. 

If you are interested in launching an impact driven career then attending a business school which prioritizes both sustainability and networking is critical. 

The networking sessions, virtual events, sessions with career advisory teams, corporate days, and alumni dinners facilitated by MSM gave Radhika the opportunity to network with likeminded individuals working within the sustainability sector. 

“An MBA gives you that professional and personal network. It’s all about how you leverage it to meet your goals,” she explains. 

The opportunities Radhika was exposed to during her time at MSM helped support her international career in sustainability. She notes that her career in sustainability is not only about the work being done in her current role, but also about the work and efforts she makes to living a more sustainable life. 

She accredits these efforts to MSM for helping her gain a larger perspective about global SDG challenges and issues. 

“Sustainability is being run by younger generations of millennials and Gen Z.  A career in sustainability is not just about what you’re doing in your professional course but about what you're doing as a citizen."