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Brigham Young University: Marriott (BYU)

You may no longer need to interview for a F-1 student visa to pursue an MBA or master’s program in the United States, according to an announcement made by the US Department of State

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The rigors of business school are unavoidable, but they can be prepared for. From Excel to accounting, here’s the best courses to do before your MBA from our MBA Newcomer

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The Marriott School of Management is a business school located in Provo, Utah at Brigham Young University (BYU), a private Mormon university in the United States

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  • FT Ranking Global MBA: 70
  • Applicants Per Year: 330
  • Applicants Admitted Percentage: 52
  • Class Size: 309
  • International Student Percentage: 14
  • Female Percentage: 11
  • Scholarships Available: 7
  • Course Length: 20
  • Employed Graduates Percentage: 88
  • Salary Increase Percentage: 118
  • Average Gmat: 670
  • Course Fee: USD 10,600
  • Application Deadline: Rolling
  • Accredited: AACSB
  • Living Expenses: LDS: $22,355 Non-LDS: $32,635
  • Businessweek Ranking: 29