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EDHEC Business School

Based in Lille, Nice, Paris, London, and Singapore, and counting more than 100 nationalities on our campuses and partnerships with 280 leading universities around the world, EDHEC is a fully international business school directly connected to the business world. EDHEC’s 40,000 alumni, spread over 120 countries, represent a community of engaged leaders, trained to act practically and deliver solutions to the main economic, social, technological, and environmental challenges facing the world. 

The School has developed a unique model founded on research of real practical use to society, companies, and students. EDHEC is a centre of excellence, innovation, experience and diversity, focused on impacting future generations in a fast-transforming world. EDHEC Business School exists to make a positive impact on the world.

EDHEC in figures

  • - 8,600 students in academic education, 184 professors and researchers, 11 research centres
  • - 5 campuses and a platform devoted to 100%-online certificate and degree programmes: EDHEC Online
  • - A comprehensive portfolio of 23 programmes designed for future decision-makers: Bachelors (BBA and BSc), a Master in Management, Masters of Science (MSc), MBAs (Full-time and Executive MBA), a PhD in Finance
  • - An extensive EDHEC Executive Education offering of certificate and degree programmes for managers, business leaders and entrepreneurs

For more than a century, EDHEC Business School has been educating students from around the world in the theory and practice of business and management through an array of programmes, from its Master in Management and Master of Science in Financial Economics to its Master of Science in Business Management. On its campuses in Paris, Lille and Nice, you will meet and study with like-minded people from diverse backgrounds and forge friendships with students from more than 110 countries.

Learning by doing

Thanks to EDHEC’s strong industry connections, your learning experience will involve real-life case studies, workshops and corporate challenges, giving you insights into business developments as they unfold and an unprecedented glimpse of what really happens behind closed corporate doors.

Tailored career services

EDHEC’s Career Centre offers an array of tailored services to help you achieve your professional goals. Its experts will ensure that you have access to top-tier talent recognition, personal coaching, mentoring, job-fair services and networking sessions.

Worldwide network

As a graduate, you will become part of the EDHEC Alumni community, a network of more than 46,000 people in over 125 countries.

The EDHEC Executive MBA is a triple-accredited programme from one of Europe’s top business schools. It is designed for experienced managers, entrepreneurs and senior executives seeking to experience a professional transformation. The 16-month part-time programme, based in Paris Opera or Lille, will enable you to consolidate your executive-level skills, increase your self-awareness and leadership skills and sharpen your global outlook to drive your organisation’s performance in today’s challenging and constantly changing business environment.

EMBA at a Glance:

  • Business fundamentals to strengthen your strategic & business management – 15 courses to give you actionable knowledge and insights into the global business world, finance, marketing, operations, strategy and leadership
  • A wide choice of cutting-edge electives to consolidate your skills and provide you with new perspectives on management issues which are key to you and your career or a 6-month specialisation track in healthcare innovation & technology
  • 2 stimulating global business trips to give you first-hand insights into some of the world’s most evolving economies and emerging markets
  • 1 individual consulting project to give you a hands-on experiential learning experience, applying what you have learned to a real-life action project of your choice
  • Personalised coaching and leadership development – 20% of the programme is dedicated to principled leadership and your professional development

Part-Time Executive MBA contact details

Call: +33 (0)1 53 32 87 60

If you are looking to gain a real-world business education and develop an international perspective to help you progress, accelerate or change your career path, then the triple-accredited and top-ranked EDHEC Global MBA programme in Nice, south of France could be an ideal choice for you.

During the intensive 10-month programme you will have the opportunity to share, learn and connect with fellow participants, faculty and business leaders from every continent in the world – typically we have around 60 students from 30+ different nationalities making it a truly global experience and an optimal platform to shape and build your international leadership profile.

Personalised options including electives, specialised tracks and a tailored MBA project account for 4 months of your programme, allowing you to adapt the programme according to your professional goals and create an outstanding return on investment.

Are you ready to take your career to new places? Get in touch to find out how the EDHEC Global MBA can help you to make an impact (link to landing page).

Full-Time Global MBA Contact Details:

Call: +33 (0)4 93 18 68 89

The EDHEC Executive MBA is a part time program delivered on EDHEC Campus in Lille and Paris. It is designed for experienced managers, entrepreneurs and business leaders seeking to experience a professional transformation. It enables them to polish their leadership skills and gives them a fresh perspective on global business.

Find out more:

Specific programmes for specialised managers

We are business experts. Our wide range of programmes are specifically designed to meet your needs in understanding business topics. You will learn real-life business skills and develop an agile and forward-thinking spirit through one of our 13 specialisations.

Unique global business synergies

Daily interactions between our Career Centre, Corporate Relations, talents, and global business leaders result in 88% of our students having secured their job with an international dimension. Our students may choose an exchange programme with one of our 160+ partner universities and secure jobs in over 45 countries after graduation.

An unrivalled experience

EDHEC delivers a hands-on approach to study: we place our students in real-life business situations from day one. Our business-relevant programmes shine through our 20+ programme partners & sponsors. 

In a world where tomorrow’s professions have yet to be imagined, we aim to prepare young professionals to meet the challenges of modern society and to reinvent the ways we do business. EDHEC’s Online MSc in International Business Management or Data Management & Business Analytics offer a unique, immersive experience, in an international environment, where the fusion of knowledge and managerial skills development is at the heart of learning.

Online Master of Science in International Business Management

The EDHEC’s Online MSc in International Business Management will arm you with:

  • A rigorous and analytical understanding of general management
  • A broader understanding of how organizations operate internationally
  • Greater knowledge of global markets
  • An intensive 18-month programme with platform access 1 year after completion
  • 12 core courses
  • 4 electives
  • 1 consulting project
  • CAREER Path:  a specialised career counselling programme that provides individual career coaching to every Online MSc student.
  • Optional business trip

Online Master of Science in Data Management & Business Analytics

Revolutionise corporate decision-making with the Online MSc in Data Management & Business Analytics:

  • Specialise in business analytics, by simultaneously developing your high-end technical skills and strategic thinking.
  • Conduct independent data analysis and put the results to good use.
  • Seize the new career opportunities offered by an excellent education that combines technical, functional and managerial skills.
  • An intensive 18-24-month programme with platform access 1 year after completion
  • 10 core courses
  • 2 electives
  • 1 consulting project
  • CAREER Path:  a specialised career counselling programme that provides individual career coaching to every Online MSc student.
  • Optional business trip


Online learning: EDHEC’s Online Master of Science programmes blend individual coaching with virtual classrooms and one-on-one academic mentorship with innovative global teaching methods for a fully immersive, international experience.

Engaged Community: Social and intellectual interaction is at the heart of the programme. Learn about alternative contexts and situations and interact with students through a highly collaborative platform.

International Faculty: Our team of first-class experts from top-tier academic institutions and businesses around the world will guide you through an array of cross-cutting business courses.

Academic Mentors: Your academic mentors serve as guides rather than providers of knowledge. They introduce you to a new world and demonstrate methods of interpretation to know how to function in it.

Success Management Team & Coaches: The Success Management Team helps you navigate through the programme successfully and help you prepare your future career.

Find out more on EDHEC's online programs here.

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